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Hitachi GD-5000 8x40x IDE DVD-ROM Drive Kit - Gray Bezel (GD5000)

Toshiba SD-M1212 6x32x IDE Desktop DVD-ROM Drive (SDM1212)

Toshiba SD-M1202 4.8x32x IDE Desktop DVD-ROM Drive (SDM1202)

LG DRD-8160B 16x48x E-IDE/ATAPI DVD-ROM Drive - Retail Box (DRD8160B / DRD-8160 / DRD8160)

Hitachi GF-2000 9.4 GB IDE DVD-RAM Drive Kit (19K1539 / 19K1538 / GF2000)

Hitachi GD-8000 16x 40x IDE DVD-ROM Drive Kit - Black Bezel (GD8000)

Sony DDU220E 5x32x IDE DVD-ROM Bare Drive

Toshiba SD-M1302 8x40x ATAPI DVD-ROM Drive (SDM1302)

Hitachi GD-7000 8x40x IDE DVD-ROM Drive (GD7000)

Hitachi GD-7500 12x40x IDE DVD-ROM Drive Kit (GD7500)

Hitachi GD-2500 5x24x IDE DVD-ROM Drive - Beige Bezel (GD2500)

Hitachi GD-8000 16x40x IDE DVD-ROM Drive Kit - Beige Bezel (GD-8000)

Pioneer DVD-119 16X Internal IDE/ATAPI DVD-ROM Drive (DVD119)

IBM 09N0900 12x40x IDE DVD-ROM Drive Kit (09N0901)

CenDyne CDICD00208 DVD(+/-)RW/4X CD-RW IDE Drive (New DVD Burner - Retail Box)

Toshiba SD-M1712 16X48X ATAPI Half-Height DVD-ROM Drive (SDM1712)

SamSung SD-816 16X DVD-ROM Drive (SD816 / SD816B)

Hitachi / LG GDR8160B 16X48X DVD-ROM Drive (GDR-8160B / GDR-8160 / GDR8160)

LG DRD-8080B 8X DVD-ROM / 40X CD-ROM E-IDE/ATAPI Drive (DRD8080B / DRD8080)

NEC ND-2500 12X8X4X16X32X40X DVD-ROM / DVD-R / DVD+RW / DVD+R / CD-R / CD-RW ATAPI Drive (ND2500 / ND-2500A / ND2500A)

NEC ND-2510A 8X4X2X8X4X32X16X Dual Layer DVD±R / DVD±RW / CD-R / CD-RW / DVD-ROM Drive (ND2510A)

Sony DDU220E 5x32x IDE DVD-ROM Drive - No Bezel (DDU220)

Hitachi GD-SS20 IDE 6X24X Slot Load DVD-ROM Drive - No Bezel (GDSS20)

Hitachi GF-1000 2.6GB/5.2GB ATAPI DVD-RAM Drive (GF1000)

Toshiba SD-R5002 16X10X40X12X DVD-R/-RW Combo Drive (SDR5002)

Sony CRX216E 48X24X48X ATAPI 5.25" CD-RW Drive (CRX216)

Sony DDU1612 16X40X IDE DVD-ROM Drive

Toshiba SD-R1412 ATAPI 16X32X DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo Drive (SDR1412 / SD-R1412-TA / SDR1412-TA / SD-R1412TA / SDR1412TA)

Pioneer DVR-104 4X-8X CD-R/4X CD-RW/1X-2X DVD-R/1X DVD-RW Bare Drive (DVR104)

Pioneer DVR-106BK IDE DVD±RW 16x CD / 4x DVD, 10x CD 2x DVD-RW / 2.4x DVD+RW Combo Burner Drive
(DVR106BK / DVR-106D / DVR106D / DVR-106 / DVR106 / DVR-106PB / DVR106PB / DVR-106DBK / DVR106DBK / DVR-106PC / DVR106PC)

Samsung SM-308 8X4X32X8X E-IDE/ATAPI DVD-ROM / CD-R/RW Combination Drive (SM308)

Panasonic LF-D211A 9.4GB ATA/ATAPI-4 DVD-RAM Drive
(LFD211A / LFD211F / LF-D211F /LF-D211-F / LF-D211 / LFD211)

Pioneer DVR-A04 ATAPI-5 DVD-RW / DVD-R / CD-R / CD-RW Combination Drive (DVRA04)

Toshiba SD-R1312 ATAPI/EIDE Half-Height Combo 32x CD-RW / 12x DVD-ROM Drive
(SDR1312 / SD-R1312-TA / SDR1312-TA / SD-R1312TA / SDR1312TA)

Hitachi GD-2000 2x IDE DVD-ROM Drive (GD2000)

Creative Labs DVD-6240E 6X/24X DVD-ROM Drive (DVD6240E / DVD-6240 / DVD6240)

Toshiba SD-R5372 Rewritable DVD±R/RW & CD-R/RW Desktop Computer Drive (SDR5372)

Ricoh RW5240A 4x DVD+RW / 24x10x40 CD-RW IDE/ATAPI Drive (RW5240)

Sony DW-U10A 4x ATAPI/EIDE DVD-ROM/DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW Burning Drive (DW-U10 / DWU10A / DWU10)

Pioneer DVD-116ME 16X DVD-ROM 40X CD-ROM ATAPI Drive (DVD116ME / DVD-116 / DVD116)

Toshiba SD-R5112-TA ATAPI DVD-R/RW Drive (SD-R5112 / SDR5112TA / SDR5112)

Pioneer DVR-A03 4X2X1X DVD-R/16X8X4X CD-RW IDE Drive (DVRA03)

Toshiba SD-M1102 2X24X DVD-ROM IDE (ATAPI) Drive (SDM1102)

BenQ DW1620 Pro 16X Dual Layer DVD±RW Drive (DW-1620)

HL / HL Data Storage GSA-H21N 16X12X8X6X4X2.6X DVD±RW Drive (GSAH21N / GSA-H21 / GSAH21)

Sony DW-D18A 8X E-IDE DVD±RW Dual Layer (DWD18A / DW-D18 / DWD18)

Pioneer DVD-117 16X40X E-IDE DVD-ROM Drive (DVD-117LJ / DVD117 / DVD117LJ)

NEC DV-5700B 12X40X IDE DVD-ROM Drive (DV-5700B-CQ / DV5700B / DV5700BCQ / DV5700)

Ricoh RW5125A 2.4X8X12X10X32X IDE DVD±RW Drive (RW5125 / RW-5125A / RW-5125)

Panasonic / Matsushita LF-D111 1X20X ATAPI DVD-RAM Drive (LFD111A / LF-D111 / LFD111)

Pioneer DVR-105BK 16X12X8X4X DVD-R/DVD-RW CD-R/CD-RW ATAPI Drive (DVR105 / DVR-105 / DVR105BK)

Teac DV-W50D-002 4X Dual Layer DVD±RW Drive
(DV-W50D / DVW50D002 / DVW50D / DV-W50 / DVW50 / 19771130-02L / 1977113002L)

Panasonic SW-9587-C IDE/ATAPI Super Multi Drive (SW-9587 / SW9587C / SW9587-C / SW9587 / CP218584-01 / CP21858401 / CP218584)

Panasonic SW-9585-C IDE/ATAPI Super Multi Drive (SW-9585 / SW9585C / SW9585-C / SW9585 / CP218477-01 / CP21847701 / CP218477)

NEC ND-1300A DVD+/- Dual Format IDE/ATAPI Recorder 4xDVD+/-R & RW Drive (ND1300A / ND-1300 / ND1300)

Hitachi / LG / HL GDR-8161B 16X EIDE/ATAPI DVD-ROM Drive (GDR-8161 / GDR8161B / GDR8161)

Toshiba SD-R1612 ATAPI 52x32x52x16x DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo Drive (SD-R1612-TA / SD-R1612-TMAE / SDR1612 / SDR1612TA / SDR1612TMAE / SDR1612-TA)

NEC ND-1100A 40x16x10x IDE DVD+RW Drive (ND1100A / ND-1100 / ND1100)

Sony CRX320EE IDE 16X52X DVD-ROM Drive (CRX320E / CRX320 / CRX320EE-1S / CRX320EE1S)

Lite-On SOHC-5236V03C IDE 16X52X DVD-ROM/CD-RW SuperMicro Drive (SOHC5236V03C / SOHC-5236V / SOHC5236V / 5236V-03 / 5236V03 / 5236V)

Panasonic / Matsushita SR-8587-B 16X DVD-ROM Drive (SR-8587B / SR8587-B / SR8587B / SR8587)

Philips DVD8301/44 4x2.4x DVD+R/RW & CD-RW DRIVE (DVD8301)

Panasonic / Matsushita SW-9574-C IDE/ATAPI DVD Super Drive (SW-9574C / SW9574C / SW-9574 / SW9574)

Panasonic SW-5582-C Tray Type Blu-ray Disc Drive (SW-5582C / SW5582C / SW-5582 / SW5582)

Toshiba SD-M1612 16x2x48x ATAPI/E-IDE DVD-ROM Drive (SDM1612 / SDM-1612)

Panasonic LF-D291 2.6GB (4.7GB Max. Capacity) SCSI Internal DVD-RAM MAC/PC (LF-D291N / LFD291N / LF-D291 / LFD291)

NEC ND-3530A 16X IDE/ATAPI DVD±R-RW Drive (ND3530A / ND-3530 / ND3530)

Panasonic / Matsushita SW-5584-C Blu-ray Disc Drive
(SW-5584C / SW5584C / SW-5584 / SW5584 / SW-5584-CBK /
SW-5584CBK / SW5584CBK / SW-5584-BK / SW-5584BK /
SW5584BK / CP343872-02 / CP343872 / CP34387202 /
SW-5584CFB / SW5584CFB)

Panasonic / Matsushita SR-8589-B 16X DVD-ROM Drive
(SR-8589 / SR8589-B / SR8589B / SR8589 / 370-4439-02 / 370-4439 / 370443902 / 3704439-02 / 3704439)

Emprex DVDRW1016IM 16X DVD±RW Dual Layer IDE Drive
(DVDRW-1016IM / DVDRW10161M / DVDRW-10161M / DRW10161M / DRW1016IM / DRW-10161M / DRW-1016IM)

Sony / Optiarc / NEC AD-7200A 20X E-IDE/ATAPI DVD Multi reader Drive
(AD-7200 / AD-7200A-0B / AD-7200A-01 / AD7200A / AD7200 / AD-7200A0B / AD-7200A01 / AD7200A0B / AD7200A01)

Apple 678-0465B IDE DVD±RW 16x CD / 4x DVD, 10x CD / 2x DVD-RW / 2.4x DVD+RW Combo Burner Drive
(678-0465 / 6780465B / 6780465 / 678-0465D / 6780465D)

Apple 661-2657 8X DVD-R/+R 4X DVD-RW/+RW 24X CD-R/RW Burner Combo Drive (6612657)

Panasonic SW-9584-C DVD±RW Dual Layer Burner
(SW-9584C / SW9584C / SW-9584 / SW9584-C / SW9584)

Sony DRU-842A Internal 20X Max Multi-Format DVD Drive (DRU842A)

Pioneer DVR-107D ATAPI 8X DVD-R/+R 4X DVD-RW/+RW 24X CD-R/RW Combo Burner Drive
(DVR107D / DVR-107DBK / DVR-107BK / DVR107DBK / DVR107BK / DVR-107DVB / DVR-107DVA / DVR107DVB / DVR107DVA)

Sony AD-7200S 20X S-ATA Multi Writer Drive
(AD7200S / AD-7200S-0B / AD-7200S-01 / AD7200S-0B / AD7200S-01 / AD-7200S0B
/ AD-7200S01 / AD7200S0B / AD7200S01 / AD-7200S-OB / AD7200S-OB / AD-7200SOB / AD7200SOB)

Sony / NEC / Sony Optiarc AD-7240S DVD±R/RW/RAM Burning Drive
(AD7240S / AD-7240S-OB / AD-7240SOB / AD7240S-OB / AD7240SOB /
AD-7240S-01 / AD-7240S01 / AD7240S-01 / AD7240S01 / AD-7240S-0B /
AD7240S-0B / AD-7240S0B / AD7240S0B)

Plextor PX-W5224TA PlexWriter 52x24x52x Drive (PXW5224TA / PXW5224)

Teac DV-W516E-PUK USB DVD Super Multi Recorder Unit
(DV-W516EPUK / DVW516E-PUK / DVW516EPUK / 19771530-00 / 1977153000 / 19771530)

Panasonic / Matsushita / Matshita SW-5583-C Serial ATA H/H Blu-Ray Disk Drive
(SW5583C / SW-5583C / SW5583-C / SW-5583 / SW5583)

(DVDRW1116IM / 1116IM / DRW1116IM / DRW-1116IM / DRW11161M / DRW-11161M / DVDRW-11161M / DVDRW11161M)

Pioneer DVD-120 40x CD/16x IDE DVD-ROM Drive (DVD120)

Toshiba SD-M1711 12X48X SCSI DVD-ROM Drive (SDM1711)

Pioneer DVD-305S 10X DVD/40X CD-ROM SCSI SlotLoad Drive (DVD305S)

Toshiba SD-M1401 10x40x Internal SCSI DVD-ROM Bare Drive (SDM1401)

Plextor PX-W1210TS 12X10X32X Ultra SCSI CD-RW Burner Drive
(PXW1210TS / PX-W1210TSI / PXW1210TSI / PX-W1210TSSW / PXW1210TSSW)

Pioneer DVD-120S 16X ATAPI/E-IDE Slot Load DVD-ROM Drive (DVD120S / DVD120)

Panasonic / Matsushita / Matshita LKM-KB23 Internal Blu-ray ADA Drive (SATA or USB 2.0)

Samsung SH-222BB/BEBE 22X DVD Burner 22X DVD+R 8X DVD+RW 8X DVD+R DL 22X DVD-R
(SH-222BB / SH-222BB/RSBS / SH-222 / SH222BB/BEBE / SH222BB / SH222BB/RSBS / SH222)

Sony/NEC/Sony Optiarc AD-7280S SATA 24X High Speed DVD±RW Desktop Burner Drive
(AD-7280S-01 / AD-7280S-02 / AD7280S / AD-7280S-0B / AD7280S-01 / AD7280S-02 /
AD-7280S-OB / AD7280S01 / AD7280S02 / AD7280S-0B / AD7280S-OB / AD7280S0B / AD7280SOB)

Pioneer DVD-303S 6X32X Sloat Load SCSI DVD-ROM Drive (DVD303S / DVD-303SKR / DVD303SKR)

(XJ-HD165 / XJHD165H / XJHD165)

Pioneer DVD-121S 16X Slot Load ATAPI DVD-ROM Drive (DVD121S / DVD-121 / DVD121)

Plextor PX-750A 16X DVD±RW Double Layer Burner Drive
(PX750A / PX-750 / PX750 / PX-750ABK / PX750ABK)

Philips/Lite-On/PLDS DH-403S-04 SATA Blu-Ray/DVD Reader Drive
(DH-403S / DH-403S04 / DH403S-04 / DH403S04 / DH403S)

Pioneer DVR-108 ATA/ATAPI-5 16X DVD-R / 4X DVD-RW / 16X DVD+R / 4X DVD+RW / 32X CD-R / 24X CD-RW / 40X CD-ROM Recordable Drive
(DVR108 / DVR-108 / DVR-108D / DVR-108DX / DVR108D / DVR108DX)

Panasonic SW-9572-C IDE/ATAPI DVD-R/-RW/-RAM CD-RW DRIVE (SW9572-C / SW-9572C / SW9572C / SW-9572 / SW9572)

Panasonic / Matsushita SW-9573-C 12x32x24x16x DVD±RW/RAM Multi Drive (SW-9573C / SW9573C / SW-9573 / SW9573)

Panasonic / Matsushita SW-9576-C IDE/ATAPI DVD SuperDrive (SW-9576C / SW9576C / SW9576-C / SW-9576 / SW9576)

Prextor PX-820A IDE DVD±RW [±R DL]/DVD-RAM (PX820A)

Teac DV-W5000E 16X ATA/ATAPI Half Height Industrial Grade DVD±R Re-Writable Burning Drive (DVW5000E)

Teac DV-W5000S 16X SerialATA Half Height Industrial Grade DVD±R Re-Writable Burning Drive (DVW5000S)

Panasonic SW-9586-C IDE/ATAPI Super Multi Drive
(SW-9586 / SW9586C / SW9586-C / SW9586 / CP218493-02 / CP21849302 / CP218493)

Teac DV-W516E IDE/ATAPI DVD Super Multi Recorder Unit
(DVW516E / DV-W516E-000 / 19771530-00 / 1977153000 / 19771530 / DVW516E000 / DV-W516 / DVW516)

Sony DW-D22A-VF 16X48X48X16X Dual Layer DVD±RW Drive (DWD22AVF / DW-D22A / DWD22A / DW-D22 / DWD22)

Sony DW-U18A 8x8x E-IDE/ATAPI DVD±RW Drive (DW-U18 / DWU18A / DWU18)


Toshiba XM-6702B 48x IDE CD-ROM Drive (XM6702B / XM6702 / XM-6702)

Toshiba XM-6502B 40x IDE CD-ROM Bare Drive (XM6502B / XM6502 / XM-6502)

Hitachi CDR-8235 24X Internal Slot Load IDE CD-ROM Drive (CDR8235)

Mitsumi FX-600S 6X IDE CD-ROM Drive (FX600S / FX600)


IMES ICD-1200/AT 8X IDE CD-ROM Drive (ICD-1200AT / ICD1200AT)

Ultima ACD-360 36X IDE CD-ROM Drive (CD360)

Vertos 800-ESD 8X IDE CD-ROM Drive (800ESD)

Tatung CD-1620E 16x IDE CD-ROM Drive (CD1620E / CD1620)

Pioneer DR-444 12X IDE CD-ROM Drive (DR444)

Toshiba XM-5301B 4x SCSI CD-ROM Drive (XM5301B / XM5301 / XM-5301)

NEC CD-R1610A 16x SCSI CD-ROM Drive (CDR1610A / CDR1610 / CD-1610A / CD1610A / CD-1610 / CD1610)

Apple CD600i 4x SCSI CD-ROM (CD600)

Sony CDU55S 2x SCSI CD-ROM Drive (CDU55 / CD-U55S)

Philips PCRW2010 20x10x40x CD-RW E-IDE (ATAPI) Drive

Plextor PX12TSI 12X SCSI CD-ROM Drive (PX-12TSI)

Toshiba XM-5602B 8X IDE CD-ROM Drive (XM5602B / XM5602 / XM-5602)

Toshiba XM-5401B 4x SCSI CD-ROM Drive (XM5401B / XM5401 / XM-5401)

Philips CDD 522 1X External SCSI-II CD Recorder (CDD522)

Hewlett Packard 5183-7739 32X SCSI Internal Tray CD-ROM Drive (51837739)

Sony CDU-415 12X Internal SCSI CD-ROM Drive (CDU415)

NEC CDR-1810A 12X/24x SCSI 50-pin CD-ROM Drive (CDR1810A / CDR-1810 / CDR1810)

NEC CD-3010A 40X SCSI CD-ROM Drive ( CD3010A / CDR-3010A / CDR3010A )

Panasonic / Apple 678-0133 - 24X SCSI CD-ROM Drive (CR-508-C / CR-508C / CR508 / 678-0133)

(CD-540E / 19770590-02 / CD-540E-002-U / 1977059002 / CD540E / CD-540E-002U / CD540E002U)

Teac CD-516S 16X SCSI-II CD-ROM Drive (CD516S / CD516)

Panasonic CR583B 8X IDE Desktop CD-ROM Drive (CR583 / CR-583B / CR-583-B)

Toshiba XM-3301B 2x SCSI Caddy CD-ROM Drive (XM3301B / XM3301 / XM-3301)

Toshiba XM-4101B 2X SCSI CD-ROM Drive (XM4101B / XM4101 / XM-4101)

Toshiba XM-3501B 4X SCSI CD-ROM Drive (XM3501B / XM3501 / XM-3501)

Toshiba XM-3601B 4X SCSI CD-ROM Drive (XM3601B / XM3601 / XM-3601)

NEC CDR-1410A 8X SCSI CD-ROM Drive (CDR1410A / CD1410A / CD-R1410A)

Panasonic CR-503-B 2X SCSI CD-ROM Drive
(CR503 / CR503B / CR-503-C / CR503C)

(CDW524E / 19770860-34 / 1977086034)

Hitachi / LG GCR-8480B 48X E-IDE/ATAPI UDMA/33 CD-ROM Drive (GCR8480)

Toshiba XM-6401B 40x SCSI CD-ROM Drive (XM6401B / XM-6401 / XM6401)

Sony CDU4811 48x IDE CDROM drive (CD-U4811)


Teac CD-532E 32X IDE CD-ROM Drive (CD532E / CD532)

LG Electronics CED-8120B 12X8X832X E-IDE/ATAPI CD-RW Drive (CED-8120 / CED8120B / CED8120)

Teac CD-R50S 4X SCSI-2 CD-R Drive (CDR50S / CDR50 / CD-R50)

Panasonic CW-7502-B 8X4X SCSI CD-R Drive (CW-7502B / CW7502B / CW7502)

Panasonic CW-7503-B 8x/20x Internal SCSI-2 656MB CD-R Drive (CW7503B / CW-7503B / CW7503)

Plextor PX-W2410TA 24X10X40X IDE/E-IDE CD-RW Drive (PXW2410TA / PX-W2410 / PXW2410)

Sony CRX100E 24X4X2X IDE CD-RW Burning Drive

Plextor PX-W1210TA 12X10X32X ATAPI CD-RW Burner Drive (PXW1210TA / PX-W1210 / PXW1210)

Plextor PX-W1610TA 16X10X40X IDE CD-RW Burner Drive (PXW1610TA / PX-W1610 / PXW1610)

Sony CDU5211 52X E-IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM Drive (CD-U5211)

Samsung SM-352 52X52X24x IDE CD-RW Burner & 16x DVD-ROM Combo Drive - Black Bezel (SM352)

Hitachi CDR-7930 ATAPI 8X CD-ROM Drive (CDR7930)

Plextor PX-32TSI 32X SCSI 50-Pin CD-ROM Drive (PX32TSi / PX32TS)

Nakamichi MJ-5.16SI 16X 5-Disk SCSI 50-Pin CD-ROM Changer
(MJ516SI / MJ-516si / MJ516si / MJ5.16si / MJ-5.16S / MJ-516S / MJ516S)

Toshiba XM-5201B 3.4X SCSI 50-Pin CD-ROM Drive (XM5201B / XM5201 / XM-5201)

Nakamichi MJ-4.8SI 8X SCSI 4-Disc CD Changer (MJ-48SI / MJ-48S / MJ48SI / MJ48S)

Plextor PX-W4824TA 48X24X48X E-IDE/ATAPI CD-RW Drive (PXW4824TA / PXW4824)

Samsung CD Master 52E SC-152 52X E-IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM Drive (SC152 / SC-152LEB / SC152LEB)

Torisan CDR-S112 16X IDE CD-ROM Drive (CDRS112)

NEC MultiSpin 8Xi CDR-1460A 8X SCSI-2 CD-ROM Drive (CDR1460A / CDR-1460 / CDR1460)

Panasonic / Matsushita CR-504-C 4X CD-ROM Drive (CR504C / CR504-C / CR-504C / CR-504 / CR504)

Toshiba XM-3701B 6.7X SCSI-2 CD-ROM Drive (XM3701B / XM-3701 / XM3701)

Cyber Drive CD522D 52X IDE/E-IDE CD-ROM Drive (CD522)

NEC CDR-3001B 40X IDE CD-ROM Drive (CDR3001B / CDR-3001 / CDR3001)

NEC CDR-1800A 24X IDE cD-ROM Drive (CDR1800A / CDR1800)

Pioneer DR-566 32X SCSI-2 CD-ROM Drive (DR566)

NEC CDR-1910A 14X/32X SCSI CD-ROM Drive (CDR1910A / CDR-1910 / CDR1910)

Plextor PX-63CS 6X SCSi CD-ROM Drive (PX63CS)

JVC WCD-ROM Model XR-W2020 6x SCSI CD-ROM Drive 50-Pin (XRW2020)

Pioneer DR-503S 24X SCSI Slot Loading CD-R Drive (DR503S / DR-503 / DR503)

Lite-On LTR-48327S 48X24X48X E-IDE/ATAPI CD-RW Drive (LTR48327S / LTR-48327 / LTR48327 / 71P7348 / 71P7349)

Toshiba XM-6202B 32X ATAPI/E-IDE CD-ROM Drive (XM6202B / XM-6202 / XM6202)

GoldStar / LG CRD-8240B 24X IDE/E-IDE CD-ROM Drive (CRD8240B / CRD-8240 / CRD8240)

Plextor DM-3028 2X SCSI 50-Pin Caddy CD-ROM Drive (DM3028)

Plextor PX-W4012TA 40X12X40X ATA/IDE/ATAPI CD-RW Burner Drive (PXW4012TA / PX-W4012 / PXW4012)

Toshiba XM-5302B 4X EIDE CD-ROM Drive (XM5302B / XM-5302 / XM5302)

Teac CD524E 24X CD-ROM Drive (CD524)

Toshiba XM-5702B 12X ATAPI/E-IDE CD-ROM Drive (XM5702B / XM-5702 / XM5702)

Samsung SW-224 40X24X10X IDE CD-RW Drive (SW224 / SW-224BHPD / SW224BHPD)

Hitachi CDR-8330 24X CD-ROM Drive (CDR8330)

Hitachi CDR-8335 IDE/E-IDE CD-ROM Drive (CDR8335)

Pioneer DR-502SCR 24X ATAPI Slot-Load CD-ROM Drive (DR-502SC / DR-502S / DR-502 / DR502SCR / DR502SC / DR502S / DR502)

Pioneer DR-504S 32X ATAPI Sloat-Load CD-ROM Drive (DR504S / DR-504 / DR504)

Yamaha CRW4001T-NB 6x4x2x ATAPI/IDE CD-RW Drive
(CRW4001TNB / CRW4001T / CRW4001 / CRW-4001T-NB / CRW-4001TNB / CRW-4001T)

Sony CRX230E 52x32x52x ATAPI/EIDE CD-RW Drive (CRX230)

Teac CD-R55S 4X Write/12X Read SCSI-2 CD-Recordable Drive (CD-R55 / CDR55S / CDR55)

Sony CDU-4821 48 IDE/ATAPI CD ROM Drive (CDU4821)

Sanyo CDR-N820S 8X20X CD-R Recorder Drive (CDRN820S / CDR-N820 / CDRN820)

Plextor PX-R820Ti 8X20X SCSI-2 CD-RW Drive
(PXR820TI / PX-R820 / PXR820 / PX-R820T / PXR820T)

Sanyo CRD-BP5IT 24x10x40 BURN- Proof SCSI CD-R/RW Drive (BP5IT / CRDBP5IT)

SANYO CRD-R800SN 8X 20X SCSI CD-RECORDER (CRD-R800S / CRD-R800SN / CRD-R800 / CRDR800SN / CRDR800S / CRDR800 / R800SN / R800S)

Plextor 4Plex Plus PX-43CS 4.5X SCSI CD-ROM Drive (PX43CS)

Toshiba XM-6201B 32x SCSI CD-ROM Drive (XM6201B / XM6201 / XM-6201)

Plextor PX-83CS 8Plex 8X Fast SCSI CD-ROM Drive (PX83CS / PX-83C / PX83C / PX-83 / PX83)

Yamaha CRW2200 20X10X40X IDE CD-RW Drive

Sanyo Nichimen - CRD-BP4IT 16X10X40X SCSI CD-RW Drive (CRDBP4IT)

Sun / Sun Micro System 920200-02 24X IDE CD-ROM Drive (92020002)

NetCom NC48UCW 48X24X48X External USB 2.0 CD-RW Drive

Plextor PX-240A 52x52x32x CD-RW Optical Disc Drive (PX240A / PX-240A-23 / PX240A23)

BenQ 5232X-0C 52X32X52X EIDE/ATAPI CD-RW Burner Drive (5232X0C / 5232X / 5232X-OC / 5232XOC)

Plextor PX-32CSi 32X SCSI 50-Pin Caddy Load 5.25" Internal CD-ROM Drive (PX32CSI)

NEC CDR-510 3X SCSI CD-ROM Drive (CDR510 / CD-R510)

IBM 93H8050 12x20x SCSI 68-Pin CD-ROM Drive (93H8055)

Teac CD-532S 32X Internal SCSI-II CD-ROM Drive (CD532S / CD-532 / CD532)

Plextor Ultraplex Wide PX-40TSUWI SCSI 40x CD-ROM Drive (PX40TSUWI)

Primera 062201 52x Composer Pro Optical Disc Duplicator (Dual Drives)

Yamaha CRW4416E-NB E-IDE 4X Write/4X Re-Write/16X Read CD-RW Drive (CRW4416ENB / CRW4416E)

ASUS CRW-5232AS 52X IDE CD-RW Drive (CRW5232AS / CRW-5232 / CRW5232)

Plextor PX-716A 48X24X16X8X4X IDE/ATAPI DVD±RW (+R DL) Drive
(PX-716 / PX716A / PX716 / PX-716ABK / PX716ABK)

Sony CRX230EE 52x32x52x ATAPI/EIDE CD-RW Drive (CRX230)

Plextor PX-230A 52X32X52X Internal ATAPI/ IDE CD-RW Drive (PX230A / PX-230 / PX230)

Plextor PX-W124TSI 12x4x32x SCSI CD-RW Burner Drive
(PXW124TSI / PX-W124 / PXW124 / PXW124TS / PX-W124TS)

Plextor PX-W4012TSE 40x12x40x External Ultra SCSI CD-RW Drive (PXW4012TSE)

Teac CD-W512S 12x10x32 SCSI CD-RW Burner Drive (CDW512S)

Apple CR-507-C 12X SCSI CD-ROM
(678-0109 / CR507C / 6780109 / CR-507 / CR507)

Lite-On LTR-40125S 40x12x48x Internal IDE CD-RW Drive (LTR40125S)

HP 5183-9121 8X20X SCSI-2 CD-RW Drive (51839121)

Sony CDU76S SCSI-II CD-ROM Drive (CDU76S / CD-U76S / CD-U76 / D2992-60032 / D2992-63032 / D299260032 / D299263032)

Teac CD-552E 52x CD-ROM Drive (CD-552E / 1977100A-94 / CD552E / 1977100A94)

Yamaha CDR102 4x Caddy SCSI-II CD-Recorder Drive


Toshiba MK538FB, 1.2 GB SCSI-II 3.5" 50*-PIN Hard Drive

IBM 45G9468 1.0 GB 50 Pin SCSI 3.5" HDD

Conner CP30204 Cougar 212MB 40-Pin Desktop Hard Drive

Conner CFS270A Cabo 270MB ATA Derktop Hard Drive

Conner CFA540S FilePro Advantage 540MB SCSI Desktop Hard Drive

Seagate ST2383NM 332MB SCSI Desktop Hard Drive

Seagate ST1096N Legacy 83MB SCSI Desktop Hard Drive

Seagate ST336752FC Cheetah X15 36LP Fiber Channel 36.7GB 15,000RPM 40-Pin SCA Hard Drive

IBM DGHS18Y UltraStar 18.2GB 7200RPM Ultra SCSI SCA 80-Pin 1.6 INCH (59H6601)

IBM DRVL-18L 18GB FC-AL Hard Drive (34L243)

Seagate Barracuda ST34371N 4.3GB Ultra SCSI Hard Drive
(9C6001-010 / 9C6001010)

Maxtor 94098U8 DiamondMax DM40 40.9GB DMA/ATA-66 (Ultra) Internal HDD 5400 RPM (94098-U8)

Seagate ST39175LC Barracuda 18LP 9.1GB Ultra SCSI-II 7200RPM Hard Drive

Quantum FB10A011 Fireball 1GB IDE 3.5" LP Hard Drive

Seagate ST34573WD Barracuda 9LP 4.55GB Ultra Wide SCSI 7200RPM Hard Drive

seagate ST15230N Hawk 4 - 4.29GB Fast SCSI-2 5400RPM Hard Drive

Seagate ST31230W Hawk 2LP - 1GB Fast SCSI-2 Wide 5400RPM Hard Drive

Seagate ST32430W Hawk 2LP - 2.1GB SCSI-2 Fast Wide 5400RPM Hard Drive

Seagate ST32430WC Hawk 2LP - 2.1GB 68-Pin SCSI-2 Fast Wide Hard Drive

Seagate ST31055W Hawk 2XL - 1GB Ultra SCSI 68-Pin 5400RPM Hard Drive

Seagate ST36530N Medalist Pro 9140 - 6.5GB SCSI-3 Ultra 50-Pin 7200RPM Hard Drive

Seagate ST31055WC Hawk 2XL - 1GB Utra-SCSI Wide 80-Pin 5400RPM Hard Drive (ST-31055WC)

Seagate ST39102LW Cheetah 9LP - 9.1GB Ultra-2 SCSI Wide 10,000RPM Hard Drive (ST-39102LW)

Seagate ST317221A U8 17221 - 17.2GB Ultra ATA/66 5400RPM 40-Pin Hard Drive (ST-317221A)

Western Digital WD64AA 6.4GB E-IDE 5400RPM. 3.5" Hard Drive (WD64AA-00AAA4 / WD64AA00AAA4)

Seagate ST52520A Medalist Pro 2520 - 2.5GB ATA 40-Pin 5400RPM Hard Drive

Seagate ST32550N Barracuda 2LP - 2.15GB SCSI-2 Fast 7200RPM 50-Pin Hard Drive

Seagate ST11200N Hawk 1 - 1.05GB SCSI-2 Fast 50-Pin 5400RPM Hard Drive
(947001-043 / 947001043)

Seagate ST31230WC Hawk 2LP - 1.01GB SCSI-2 Fast Wide 80-Pin 5400RPM Hard Drive

Hitachi DK32AH-18LW 18.4GB Ultra-2 Wide SCSI 3LP 7200RPM 68-Pin Hard Drive (DK32AH18LW / DK32AH-8LW / DK32AH8LW)

Quantum QML20000LC-A Fireball LCT15 20GB DMA/ATA-66 Ultra 7200RPM 40-Pin IDC Hard Drive (QML20000LCA / LC20A011)

Maxtor 91010D6 10.1GB UltraDMA/33 IDE 5400RPM Hard Drive

Maxtor 91024D4 DiamondMax Plus 5120 - 10.2GB ATA-5/Ultra DMA 40-Pin 7200RPM Hard Drive

Quantum EX10A2F1 Fireball - 10.2GB IDE 40-Pin 5400RPM Hard Drive

Quantum TX04A10Y - Bigfoot 4.25" IDE 40-Pin Hard Drive

Quantum Atlas II - HN45J011 4.5GB SCSI 80-Pin 7200RPM Hard Drive
(QM34550AL-SCA / HN4550SCA / QM34550ALSCA)

Seagate ST39236LC - Barracuda 18LX 9.19GB Ultra SCSI Wide 80-Pin 7200RPM Hard Drive
(9N3011-002 / 9N3011002)

Seagate ST318437LC - Barracuda 36ES 18.4GB 80-Pin 7200RPM Ultra SCSI Wide Hard Drive

Seagate Medalist 8641 - ST34312A 4.3GB Ultra ATA/66 5400RPM 9ms 40-Pin Hard Drive

Seagate Barracuda 50 - ST150176LW 50.07GB Ultra SCSI Wide 7200RPM 68-Pin Hard Drive

Seagate Barracuda 36ES2 - ST318418N 19.92GB Ultra SCSI 7200RPM 50-Pin Hard Drive (ST-318418N)

Seagate Cheetah 73 - ST173404LC 73.4GB Ultra-SCSI Wide 10000RPM 80-Pin Hard Drive (ST-173404LC)

Hitachi DK31CJ-72MC 73.9GB Ultra-160/FC-AL Hadr Drive (DK31CJ72MC / DK31CJ)

Seagate Cheetah 10K.6 - ST3146807FC 146.8GB FC-AL Fibre Channel 40-Pin Hard Drive

Seagate Cheetah 36LP - ST318304FC 18.37GB FC-AL 10000RPM 40-Pin Hard Drive

Seagate Barracuda 9 - ST19171FC 9.1GB FC-AL Fibre Channel 7200RPM Hard Drive

Fujitsu MAS3367NC 36.7GB Ultra320SCSI 80-Pin Centronics (SCA-2) Hard Drive

Seagate ST39173LC Barracuda 9LP - 9.1GB 68-Pin Ultra SCSI 7200RPM Hard Drive (ST-39173LC /ST-39173L / ST-39173 / ST39173L / ST39173)

Seagate U Series 5 - ST315311A 15.36GB Ultra ATA/100 5400RPM 40-Pin Hard Drive (ST315311)

Seagate Barracuda III - ST310215A 10.2GB Ultra ATA/100 7200RPM 40-Pin Hard Drive (ST310215)

Seagate ST336704LCV 36.7GB SCSI Ultra 160/m (16-bit) 10000RPM HDD Hard Drive

Seagate ST39173WC Barracuda 9LP 9.1GB Ultra SCSI 7200RPM Hard Drive
(9J4008-010 / 9J4008010)

Compaq / Digital 180721-001 9.1GB SCSI U160 Hard Drive (3R-A0920-AA / MAH3091MC / 180721001 / 3RA0920AA)

Sun / Seagate 3900002-02 18.2GB SCSI U160 Hard Drive (5404178-01 / 0020772-0010D41748 / ST318203LC / 540417801 / 0020772-0010D41748 / 390000202)

Seagate ST373307LW 73GB 10000RPM 68-Pin SCSI Hard Drive

Seagate Medalist Pro 9140 - ST34520N 4.55GB SCSI-3 Ultra 7200RPM 9.5ms 50-Pin Hard Drive

Seagate ST336754LW 36.7GB Ultra320 SCSI Hard Drive

Seagate Hawk 2XL - ST32151N SCSI-II 2.15GB 5400RPM 50-Pin Hard Drive

Quantum Fireball CX - CX68A2F1 6.8GB 5400RPM UDMA66/EIDE Hard Drive (5501068 / CX64A011)

Seagate Barracuda - ST380011A Ultra ATA/100 80GB 40-Pin Hard Drive (ST380011)

Seagate Cheetah 73 - ST173404FC SCA 73.4GB 40-Pin 10K RPM Hard Drive

Seagate Barracuda 180 - ST1181677FCV 181.6GB Fibre Channel 7200RPM 40-Pin SCA FC Hard Drive

Seagate Cheetah 10K.7 - ST3300007FC 300GB FC-AL-2 Hard Drive

Seagate Cheetah 10K.6 - ST373307LC 73.4GB SCSI 80-Pin Hard Drive

Seagate Cheetah 4LP - ST34501N 4.5GB Ultra-SCSI 50Pin 10K RPM Hard Drive

Seagate Cheetah 73LP - ST373405FC 73.4GB Fibre Channel 10K RPM Hard Drive

Maxtor DiamondMac D540X - 4G160J8 160GB DMA/ATA-133 5400RPM 40-Pin Hard Drive

Seagate Cheetah 18LX ST318404LC 18.3GB Ultra SCSI Wide 10000RPM Hard Drive

Seagate Barracuda 180 - ST1181677LCV 181.55GB Ultra-SCSI Wide 7200RPM Hard Drive

Seagate Cheetah - ST3146807LC 146.8GB SCSI 10K.6RPM Hard Drive

Hitachi / IBM HDS724040KLSA80 400GB Serial ATA-150 7200RPM Hard Drive (0A30229 / OA30229)

Maxtor 5A250J00816R1 Ultra ATA/133 [ATA-5/ATA-6] (5A250J008 / 5A250J0 / 490234752)

QUANTUM AT Fireball - QML07500LC-A 7.5GB Ultra IDE (DMA-66) 4400RPM 12MS Hard Drive
(QML07500LCA / QML07500LC / QML07500 / LC07A011)

Data Guard NCDG USB 2.0 RFID External Hard Drive (From 60GB up to 1TB Capacity)

Seagate ST980811AS - Momentus 4200.3 80GB SATA Hard Drive

Seagate ST118202LC cheetah 18 - 18.2GB 10,000RPM Ultra SCSI Wide Hard Drive (ST118202L / ST118202)

Seagate ST336704LW Cheetah 36LP - 36.4GB Ultra SCSI Wide 10,000RPM Hard Drive (ST-336704LW / ST-336704L / ST-336704 / ST336704L / ST336704)

IBM 18ES - DNES-318350 18.2GB Ultra2Wide SCSI 80-Pin Hard Drive (25L1920 / DNES318350)

Hitachi GST Deskstar 7K160 HDS721616PLA380 160GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5in Hard Drive (0Y30006 / OY30006)

IBM 36L8772 9GB Ultra SCSI 80-Pin SCA 10K RPM Hard Drive (36L8773)

Seagate / Hitachi DKS2C-J146FC 146.8GB FC-AL Fibre Channel 40-Pin Hard Drive (DKS2CJ146FC)

Hitachi DKR2E-J72FC 72GB Fibre CHannel 10K RPM FC-LA Hard Drive (DKR2EJ72FC)

Fujitsu MAM3184MP 18.4GB Ultra160 SCSI 15K-RPM 68-Pin Hard Disk Drive (CA06102-B26200CQ / CA06102B26200CQ)

Compaq / HP 246807-001 18.4GB Ultra160 SCSI 15K-RPM 68-Pin Hard Disk Drive (246807001)

Quantum TY18J881 Atlas 18GB U160 SCSI 10,000RPM 80-Pin Hard Drive

Seagate Cheetah 36ES - ST336706LC 36.7GB Ultra Wide SCSI 10000RPM 80-Pin Hard Drive

Hitachi 0A31881 80GB 7200RPM ATA-133 Hard Drive

Hitachi 0Y30003 80GB 7200RPM ATA-133 Hard Drive (HDS721680PLAT80)

Seagate Cheetah 36ES - ST318406LC 18.4GB 80-Pin Ultra160 SCSI 10K-RPM Hard Drive

Seagate Barracuda - ST3750640AS 750GB Serial ATA-300 Hard Drive

Hitachi Deskstar 7K160 - 0Y30011 80GB Serial ATA/300 Hard Drive (HDS721680PLA380)

Seagate Cheetah - ST373455LW 73.4GB Ultra320 SCSI Hard Drive

Seagate ST39204LC Cheetah 18XL 9.19GB Ultra SCSI Wide 10,000RPM Hard Drive

Hitachi 0Y30012 160GB Serial ATA-300 7200RPM Hard Drive

Hitachi 0Y30030 160GB Serial ATA-300 7200RPM Hard Drive
(OY30030 / HDS721616PLA380)

Maxtor 6Y080L0 80GB Ultra ATA/133 (ATA-7) IDE/EIDE 40-pin IDC Hard Drive

Seagate Barracuda ST3500630AV 500GB Ultra ATA/100 7200.10 Hard Drive

Seagate Cheetah ST373207FC 10K.7 Fibre Channel 73GB Hard Drive

Seagate ST336704FC 36.7GB 40-Pin SCA 3.5" Hard Drive

Seagate ST318438LW Barracuda 36ES2 - 19.92GB Ultra SCSI Wide 68-Pin 7200RPM Hard Drive

Seagate ST380215A - Barracuda 7200.10 Ultra ATA/100 80GB Hard Drive

Seagate ST320410A - U6 20GB ATA-100 40-Pin Hard Drive

Hitachi HTS721010G9AT00 - Travelstar 7K100 100GB 2.5" IDE Ultra ATA/100 (ATA-6) Internal Hard Drive 7200RPM
(0A25015 / 0A28265 / HTS721010G9AT / OA25015 / OA28265 / HTS721010G9AT-00)

Seagate U10 - ST315323A 15.3GB ATA/100 7200RPM 512KB Cache 3.5Inch Hard Drive

Seagate Cheetah - ST373307FC 73GB 10K RPM SCSI Fibre Channel Hard Drive

Seagate ST336706LW 36GB 10K RPM Ultra160 68-Pin SCSI Hard Drive

Fujitsu MAX3036NP 36.7GB SCSI Ultra320 68pin 3.5" 15000RPM 8MB Cache Hard Drive
(CP170012-01 / CP17001201)

Maxtor 91021U2 10.2GB UDMA/66 5400RPM 512KB IDE Hard Drive

Seagate ST31200N Hawk 1LP - 1.25GB SCSI-2 Fast 5400RPM 50-Pin Hard Drive

Seagate Barracuda 50 - ST150176LC 50.1GB 80-Pin Ultra2 Wide SCSI Hard Drive

IBM IC35L040AVVA07-0 40GB ATA-100 7200RPM 40-Pin IDC Hard Drive (07N9208 / IC35L040AVVA070 / IC35L040AVVA07)

IBM IC35L060AVV207-0 41.1GB 7200RPM 3.5in ATA-100 IDE HARD DRIVE
(07N9550 / IC35L060AVV2070 / IC35L060AVV207 / 07N9550)

Hitachi / IBM GST Deskstar 7K80 - HDS728080PLAT20 80GB 7200RPM
2MB Cache IDE Ultra ATA133 / ATA-7 3.5" Hard Drive (0A30210 / OA30210)

Seagate U Series 6 - ST340810A 40.8GB Ultra-ATA/100 5400RPM 40-Pin Hard Drive (ST-340810A)

Quantum KN09J011 9.1GB 7200RPM 3.5in Ultra160 SCSI 80-PIN HDD Hard Drive

Seagate U Series X - ST320014A 20.02GB Ultra ATA-100 5400RPM Hard Drive (9W1021-302 / 9W1021302)

Seagate ST336704LC Cheetah 36.7GB 10,000RPM 80-Pin Ultra160 SCSI Wide Hard Drive

Seagate Medalist 8641 - ST36531A 6.5GB Ultra ATA-3 5400RPM 40-Pin Hard Drive

Seagate Medalist 4321 - ST34321A 4.3GB IDE Ultra ATA/33(ATA-4) 5400RPM 40-Pin Hard Drive

Western Digital Caviar AC22100 - WDAC22100 2.1GB ATA-33 3.5in 40-Pin 5200RPM Hard Drive (AC22100)

Western Digital Caviar WD200BB - 20GB DMA/ATA-100 40-Pin 3.5in 7200RPM Hard Drive (WD200)

IBM Deskstar 75GXP - DTLA-307045 46.1GB ATA-100 3.5in 40-Pin 7200RPM Hard Drive (07N3931 / DTLA307045 / O7N3931)

IBM 00K4000 UltraStar 9ES 4.5GB Ultra Wide SCSI 68-Pin 7200RPM Hard Drive (OOK4OOO)

Quantum Fireball Plus AS - QMP40000AS-A 40GB ATA-100 3.5in 40-Pin 7200RPM Hard Drive (QMP40000ASA / QMP40000AS)

IBM 22L0221 UltraStar 9ES 4.5GB Ultra Wide SCSI 68-Pin 7200RPM Hard Drive (DDRS34560 / DDRS-34560 / 22LO221)

IBM / Hitachi 08K0382 36.4GB Ultra-320 SCSI 80-Pin 3.5in 10000RPM Hard Drive
(IC35L036UCDY10-0 / O8K0382 / IC35L036UCDY100 / IC35L036UCDY10-O / IC35L036UCDY100 / IC35L036UCDY10)

WD/Western Digital WD3200AAJB 320GB PATA 3.5in 7200RPM Hard Drive
(WD3200AAJB-22J3A0 / WD3200AAJB22J3A0 / WD3200AAJB-22J3AO)

IBM 25L1910 9.1GB 3.5in Ultrastar SCSI-68PIN 7200rpm Hard Disk Drive
(DNES-309170 / DNES309170)

Seagate Momentus 7200.4 - ST9500420AS 500GB SATA-300 7200RPM Hard Drive (9HV144-300 / 9HV144300)

Seagate Cheetah 15K.5 - ST3300655LW 300GB Ultra320 SCSI - 68 pin HD D-Sub (HD-68) Hard Drive

Hitachi / IBM 0Y30001 80GB ATA-133 7200RPM Hard Drive
(HDS721680PLAT80 / OY30001)

Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 - ST3250620AS 250GB SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5in 7200RPM 16MB Cache Hard Drive

Fujitsu Enterprise - MAW3073NP 73.5GB Ultra320 SCSI 68-pin HD D-Sub Hard Drive
Seagate ST3146855LW - Cheetah 15K.5 Ultra320 SCSI 146GB Hard Drive

Fujitsu MAP3367NP 36GB 10K-RPM SCSI 68Pin 320MBps 16-Bit Hard Drive
(CA06200-B18000FA / CA06200B18000FA)

Fujitsu MAP3367NC 36.7GB Ultra320 SCSI 80-Pin 10K-RPM 3.5in Hard Disc Drive
(CA06200-B14000FA / CA06200B14000FA)

Seagate Cheetah 15K.5 - ST373455LC 73.4GB SCSI Ultra320 3.5in 80pin 15000RPM 16MB Cache Hard Drive

Western Digital Caviar WDAC2850-00F 853MB 4500RPM ATA/IDE 64KB Cache 3.5-inch Internal Hard Drive
(99-004178-003 / WDAC2850 / 99004178-003 / WDAC285000F / 99004178003)

WD / Western Digital WDAC33100-32H Caviar 33100 3.1GB IDE/PATA 3.5in 5200RPM Hard Drive
(99-004217-001 / WDAC33100 / 99004217-001 / WDAC3310032H / 99004217001)

Seagate ST318452FC Cheetah X15 FC 18.3GB FC-AL 15,000RPM Hard Drive (9T4004-025)

Seagate ST136475LW 36GB 7200RPM Ultra2 SCSI 3.5 1MB Cache Hard Drive
(9L3002-010 / 9L3002010)

Seagate ST19171WC Barracuda 9 - 9.10GB Ultra Wide SCSI 8MS 7200RPM 80-Pin Hard Drive (9E0005-001)

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