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Q: Do I need to install a special device driver for my CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive?

A: No, you do not need to install any software device drivers. Microsoft '95, '98, 2000, WinMe and NT are shipped with ATAPI device drivers installed that work correctly with most major brand CD-ROM-RW/DVD-ROM drive. After installing your CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive, and rebooting your computer, the system should recognize the CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive.

Q: How do I play DVD movies on my computer?

A: In order to play DVD movies on your computer using your CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive, you must use 3rd party software, which is included with the CD-RW/DVD-ROM kit. There are 3rd party DVD/MPEG-2 cards available that also allow you to view DVD movies. Available on our site.

Q: Can I install a CD-RW/DVD-ROM in an Apple Power Mac?

A: No, not at this time.

Q: Can I copy a DVD-Movie Disc?

A: You will not be able to duplicate a DVD movie using the CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive. Most movies are encrypted and copyright protected.

Q: I have a CD-ROM and a CD-RW/DVD-ROM installed in my system. Why can I only listen to audio CDs from one of my drives?

A: In order to listen to audio CDs using your CD-ROM or CD-RW/DVD-ROM, you must connect the drive to your sound card using a special audio cable. Most sound cards only provide one audio cable connection; therefore only one of your drives can be connected to the sound card. In order to listen to CD's from both drives, you could use a sound card that has two audio cable connectors, install two sound cards or purchase a CD-ROM Audio Splitter.

Q: What is Regional Coding and can I change the regional code on my drive?

A: Region Protection Coding (RPC) of DVD Discs is a feature that is supported on DVD Players and is used with DVD-Video Discs (i.e. movies). Currently, the motion picture industry has divided the world into different regional "zones." These regions or "zones" correlate to the regional markets into which the motion picture industry releases movies. Simply put, RPC Codes are placed on Movie Discs marketed throughout the world based on the region of the world where they are being sold. These RPC codes help to control and prevent the pirating of new release movies into other motion picture market regions prior to their true release dates within those markets. The CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive supports the current RPC phase 2 industry specifications. The drive's regional code is set to the code found on the first DVD Video Disc that you load into your drive. The regional code will change if another DVD Video Disc from another region is inserted. Your CD-RW/DVD-ROM allows the regional code to change four times. The fifth time a different regional coded DVD is inserted. Your drive will be permanently set to that regional code.

Q: My CD-ROM works in Windows, but when I try to use the CD-ROM in DOS it does not work. What is the problem?

A: If your CD-ROM works in Windows but not in DOS, you need to install DOS drivers. The DOS drivers can be installed from the diskette (3 ½" floppy) that came with the drive. You can also download the drivers from the drivers section of this website.

Q: Will this CD-ROM drive work with OS/2 2.1?

A: The CD-ROM is an ATAPI compatible device and generally do not require drivers. OS/2 supports ATAPI devices; therefore there should not be any problems between our CD-ROM's and OS/2.

Q: Whenever I try to read a CD, I get the message "CDR101 not ready reading drive D, Abort, Retry, Fail" (D: Representing your CD-ROM drive letter)

A: There are a few reasons as to why you would get this message:
  • The drive is not connected correctly.
  • You are loading DOS drivers (Windows users)
  • The drive is defective.

Connecting the Drive:

Double-check all connections on the CD-ROM (Red stripe on the IDE interface cable is connected to pin 1 and the jumper set to Master, Slave, or Cable Select).

Double-check the connections to the motherboard as well (The red stripe on the IDE interface cable is connected to pin 1 and firmly seated in the IDE port).

DOS Drivers (Windows users) Check the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys to verify you are not loading DOS drivers. If you are you need to REM them out. (e.g. REM Device=C:\IOMCDROM\MSCDEX.EXE\D: CD0001). The following procedure will assist you.
  • Boot the computer to "Safe Mode" (tap on the F8 key to get the Microsoft Windows Startup Menu.).
  • Select option 3, "Safe Mode".
  • Once in Safe Mode, right click on "My Computer", select "Properties".
  • Click on the "Device Manager" tab.
  • Click on the "+" sign next to "CD-ROM".
  • Remove any CD-ROM(s) that are listed.
  • Close the "Device Manager" 8. Click "Start," select "Run".
  • Type "sysedit".
  • Check the "Autoexec.bat" and "Config.sys" to verify you are not loading DOS drivers. If you are, REM them out. (E.g. REM Device=C:\IOMCDROM\MSCDEX.EXE\D: CD0001).
  • Once you have finished, reboot the computer normally.

Q: I get the error message "Your multifunction device (standard dual PCI IDE controller) has some child devices using 32 bit drivers and others using compatibility mode drivers." How do I fix this?

A: Incorrect PCI Bus Master IDE controllers cause this problem. CD-ROM's use these drivers to interface with your system. The problem is not with the CD-ROM drive, since in Windows you do not need any special drivers to make it work. Contact your motherboard manufacturer for updated drivers. You need to also remove the DOS drivers from the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys for the CD-ROM drive.

Q: My CD-ROM has a short spin-down time, is there a way to adjust this?

A: The CD-ROM drive is designed to update its buffer periodically. Constant spin-downs are normal. There are no adjustment features for this type of problem.

Q: My Device Manager has a yellow exclamation point next to my primary and/or secondary IDE controllers. When I try to remove them I get the error message "This device is part of a multifunction device and can not be removed& ." What do I do?

A: The driver(s) for the hard disk controller(s) were not properly initialized when you booted the computer to Windows. When this occurs, a "NOIDE" entry is placed in the registry. When this happens it prevents Windows from initializing the driver(s).

Q: My CD-ROM does not read my CD-RW disks. What do I do?

A: There are several reasons why your CD-ROM won't read CD-R's or CD-RW's. This happens mostly because of the way the CD's were written. The CD-ROM should read the CD-R's and CD-RW's just like a normal CD. Try the CD-R or CD-RW on another CD-ROM drive, not a CD-RW drive. Another reason would be the software that you used to record the CD. The software may have been out of date or not compatible with the brand of CD-R's or CD-RW's you are using. One example would be Adaptec's DirectCD (UDF format). DirectCD software records the in a UDF format, which is not compatible with this drive. You can fix this by going to Adaptec's website, >http://www.adaptec.com and download an available UDF Reader.

Q: In the BIOS/CMOS I set the Primary Master, Primary Slave, Secondary Master, and Secondary Slave to Auto, but the Device Manager shows a Primary IDE Controller and an Intel PCI controller. There is no Secondary IDE Controller listed. What is the problem?.

A: If the Secondary IDE Controller is not listed under the Hard Disk Controllers in the Device Manager, then the driver is not properly installed. This causes the CD-ROM drive (Or any device connected to the Secondary IDE Controller) not be detected. If you have an Intel chipset, you can read about the problem as well as download a patch. If you do not have an Intel Chipset, you need to contact your motherboard manufacture for an updated IDE patch/driver. You can also try to slave the drive off the primary hard drive to see if it works.

Q: I installed the CD-ROM and it doesn't work. The system has a dual port EIDE controller. The Primary IDE Controller has two drives and the Secondary IDE controller has one hard drive. According to the instructions, I installed the CD-ROM drive on the Secondary IDE Controller as a "slave." The PC boots, then hangs. If I disconnect the IDE Cable from the CD, it boots fine. What is happening here?

A: Make sure the hard drive you have on the Secondary IDE Controller is also EIDE (More than 1GB in size if hard drive). If the hard drive is under 1GB, disconnect it and connect the CD-ROM as master on the Secondary IDE Controller by itself. Make sure there are no DOS drivers loading for any CD-ROM drive(s) in your Config.sys or Autoexec.bat. Make sure the IDE cable is properly connected to the IDE controller (Red stripe is connected to pin 1 and properly seated). If the tray on the CD-ROM does not open it means one of two things:

    1. The power connector is not connected and/or defective.
    2. The drive itself is defective. If possible try the CD-ROM in a different computer to eliminate the factor of having a defective CD-ROM drive.

Q: I installed the CD-ROM drive and during boot-up, I get the following message: C:\DOS\MSCDEX.EXE /D: MSCD001 /V not enough drive letters available. How do I fix this problem?

A: From the command prompt (C:\) type "edit config.sys" and press enter. Your cursor should be at the top of the page. If you do not have an empty line at the top hit enter once to add an empty line (everything should move down one). Now go back to the top with your arrow keys and type the following line: LASTDRIVE=Z Save changes and exit. Reboot the computer.


Q: Do I need to install special drivers for my DVD-RAM?

A: Yes, in most cases your DVD-RAM will come with a special software driver called "Write DVD". This must be installed in addition to a SCSI host adapter driver. You can purchase "Write DVD" at our website.

Q: How do I play DVD movies on my computer?

A: You must have a DVD/MPEG-2 card and the appropriate software installed on your computer system in order to view DVD movies. DVD/MPEG-2 kit are sold on our site.

Q: Can I install a DVD-RAM in a Apple Power Mac G3?

A: Yes, but you must have a SCSI card installed (i.e. Apple Ultra SCSI PCI card) and a SCSI software driver. You will also need DVD software package, which can be purchased on our site.

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