3 Tech Considerations Every Business Should Be Making

Businesses rely on technology for multiple aspects of their operations. Inventory systems can be set to track sales and stock on hand and automatically order merchandise when stock is low. Networking software allows marketing staff to manage multiple social media accounts and distribute information through multiple promotional channels. Technology has changed the way that businesses communicate, operate, and sell merchandise.

This does not mean that all technology is essential for every business. It is important to identify your company’s specific needs and determine whether or not a specific type of tech will serve those needs and improve operations. Utilizing essential tech that fits your business needs can increase employee efficiency and sales. You can ensure you prioritize the most effective tech options by reviewing the applications of different types of tech and assessing their potential benefits for your operation.

Tech for Networking


When employees have clearly defined workplace objectives they will perform better. This leads to increased productivity and it also improves workplace morale. Implement objectives and key results (OKR) software to ensure that your staff team knows the goals they are working towards. The best OKR software identifies the objectives and determines how to evaluate progress. It ensures each staff knows what they need to accomplish to meet these goals.

Bright Pattern call center software enables representatives to address inquiries that are sent through multiple communication channels, including fax, phone, social media, text and email, 24 hours a day. It integrates artificial intelligence (AI) to determine the best representative to address a client’s needs and reduce wait times. AI can also be used to retrieve account data and expedite the process of addressing the client’s issues. Bright Pattern call center quality assurance also enables you to monitor team members. You can evaluate the customer experience provided, the performance of your representatives, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Tech for Remote Work

Cloud storage systems can be used to store and transfer data. These systems are secure and are designed to protect your business information from unlawful access. Cloud apps can be used to transfer materials to any staff in any location with an Internet connection. You do not need to worry about losing documentation due to mechanical issues with a computer and you can prevent delays while waiting for staff to locate documents and email them to you. Cloud storage provides instant access for all approved personnel.

Computer hardware is essential for remote work. You may prefer to use laptops because they are portable and staff can easily take them out of their office and use them in conference rooms, during off-site workplace meetings, or at home. Designated smartphones for employees can also offer multiple benefits. Staff who need to drive as part of their regular duties can use them as a GPS. They can also be connected to headsets via Bluetooth or to stereos in vehicles so that staff can answer calls safely when driving. Compact keyboards can also be connected to smartphones to allow individuals to create documents from any location.

Tech for Communication

Clear, consistent communication eliminates frustration. There are multiple communication platforms that enable staff to interact in a group without the need to wade through multiple emails. All staff will receive the same messages. Threads can be used to seek clarification and keep discussion about specific topics together. Channels can be established to allow staff on specific teams to discuss their projects. These channels can also be made private if a team is working on confidential projects. Human resources staff can create a locked channel so that they can communicate without worrying about other staff accessing their messages. These systems also ensure that information is not lost if emails are deleted. Communication platforms also allow individuals to search for discussions about specific topics so that they can ensure they have processed the latest information about a project or policy.

As more companies incorporate remote work opportunities for their staff, video conferencing technology has become an essential requirement for those businesses. Video conferencing programs allow staff from all over the world to communicate face to face from the comfort of their own home or office. This eliminates travel expenses and the time staff lose while in transit. Video conferencing software also allows calls to be recorded so that records can be maintained. Companies can also use video conferencing to address customer problems. They can demonstrate merchandise or show a client how to connect components.