4 Reasons to Get Service Apartments in Singapore

Singapore is a prime location for many travellers and foreign nationals. Thousands of people visit the country each year to conduct business, see the sights, or complete other activities. If you are one of those people, you might want to look for living arrangements, however short or long your stay is. You might want to find affordable service apartments in Singapore for your convenience.

A serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment suitable for short and long term rental in Singapore. It comes with all the amenities you will usually find in a regular apartment, such as a kitchen or laundry room. But these apartments also have other features, such as room service and more that you will not find in a typical apartment.

Here are a few reasons why you should look into service apartments.

1. They have more space than a typical hotel room.

We build serviced apartments to be complete living spaces, complete with the amenities of a condominium unit or apartment. Most hotel rooms are suitable only for short stays.

2. They are less costly to live in than a typical hotel. 

Most service apartments in Singapore have cheaper rates for longer stays compared to hotels. At the same time, they don’t sacrifice your quality of living and you can still enjoy many service perks.

3. They can be located in more convenient areas.

The best hotels are located near tourist attractions or places of interest, but if you need to live closer to the business district, apartment-hunting is in your best interest.

4. They provide you with flexible booking terms. 

Regardless of how long you want to stay in Singapore, you will find a serviced apartment that caters to your needs. You can stay for a few days to years if you want.Expat Corporate Apartments is a company that can provide you with the perfect living arrangements during your stay in Singapore. Enjoy the best services and amenities when you inquire about a 3 bedroom serviced apartment in Singapore.