4 Ways to Bust a Cheater

If your gut is telling you that your partner is being unfaithful, you might be right. Is your loved one acting distant or strangely changing their routine? Have you noticed some new moves in the bedroom or a total lack of interest? If so, it might be time to do some detective work.

Making an accusation such as cheating could be relationship damaging, especially if your partner was being loyal. That being said, you want to make absolutely certain that your suspicions are true before bringing it up in conversation. Here are four useful ways to bust a cheater.

The 17 Worst Things You Can Do If You Catch Your Partner Cheating

Are They Texting Who They Say They Are?

First thing’s first, one of the biggest indications of cheating can be found within your partner’s phone contacts. If there’s ever a time when you can get your hands on their phone for a little bit, go through his or her contacts and search the whole list using GoLookUp. GoLookUp is a free online search engine where you can look up background checks, email addresses, mug shots, and arrest records. It’s one of the best ways to bust a cheater because you might notice that a name doesn’t match the contact information. You’ll be able to find out who they’re really texting, giving you your first lead. It’s a lot easier to set a trap if you know who the enemy really is.

An Unassuming Trip

Why not have some fun while you set the trap to expose a cheater? Schedule a girls or guys trip for a weekend to somewhere fun, and make it very clear that you’re actually going. Whisk yourself away to a casino with your best friends. You can gamble, drink, and check out the exciting things to do around the casino, thanks to traveling to a site for shore eyes. Before you go on your much-needed getaway, purchase a few spy cameras and set them up around your home. Make sure they’re not noticeable, or else your plan could be foiled. While you’re playing the slot machines and sipping your third gin and tonic, you might just capture some incriminating footage.

Espionage At Its Finest

Throw on your catsuit; it’s time for some more spying! If your partner has suddenly added a new commitment to their calendar that they’re suddenly very emphatic, and maybe a little defensive, about keeping it’s time for some sleuthing. If it’s an activity that costs money, like a new yoga class or interest in the gym, get access to their bank account and see if they’re really being charged. If you can’t find any proof that they’re actually doing what they say they’re doing, it’s time to make a secret appearance. Have your friend tail them in a car and see if they’re actually going where they say they are. If they’re claiming they have to work late, wait in the parking lot “with some dinner” right at the end of the workday. You might be surprised to see your partner leaving right on time with one of their colleagues.

The Plant

If you’re feeling like your partner is a shameless cheater who will go after anyone who’s attractive and gives him or her attention, try catching them with a plant. Find a cute friend of a friend that your partner has never met, and set them up to record with their phone. While your partner is hanging at Starbucks or the bar, send that plant in to do a little flirting. You might be shocked at what a little flattery can do to your partner’s faithfulness. If they take the bait, you know you’ve got a cheater. After that, expose them in public. Cheaters don’t deserve privacy.