5 paving stone trends to watch out for | Montreal landscaper

Due to the increase in the time we spend at home, many homeowners will continue to invest in their outdoor living spaces in 2021. Paver is the ideal material for improving the aesthetics and utility of Montreal homes. . The Entreprise Générale Paysagiste Riccardi will present an overview of the most recent trends in paving stones in this article.

Technology is increasingly being incorporated into landscaping and pavement projects. Therefore, many of our paving projects include installing power lines and hidden access points so that homeowners can easily incorporate features such as:

• Sockets for charging devices (electrical and USB)

• Heating is available outside.

• Recessed lighting

• Systems for audio

• Fire and water features

It’s not just for the driveway or sidewalk. Many homeowners use this type of paving to cover huge areas of their front, back, and side yards (sometimes all of them). Let’s take a look at some of the design components that could help you create the perfect look:


When it comes to making the pattern stand out in your surface, using pavers in different shapes is crucial. Here are some of the most popular

paver shapes: • Linear

• Square

• Diamond

• Geometric


Pavers now come in a significantly larger choice of textures. The appearance and function of the surface is greatly influenced by the waterproofness of the stone. It is essential to speak with your paving contractor about how you want to use your surface so that you can specify the type of stone and texture that will best suit your needs.


In the pavement world, there has been an explosion of colors! Models with many colors and a greater range of tones and shades are becoming more and more common. Color will play an important role in establishing the style you desire for your driveway, entryway, patio, or outdoor living space, whether you go for an elegant look or a design that oozes character and creativity. Here are some paver design trends to watch out for:

• Stripes

• Mosaics

• Full Paving

• Checkerboard

• Zigzag

• Cubic Illusions


Using different sizes of pavers to add interest to your design is a great method of doing this. Larger slabs and smaller pavers are increasingly used in some of our favorite designs.

The General Landscaping Company Riccardi,Montreal landscaper since 1999 is well known for perfectly applying hybrid surfaces which include paving stones and asphalt. These hybrid paver surfaces are an excellent choice for people who want to combine the elegance of pavers with the practicality and cost effectiveness of asphalt. We have extensive experience working with a range of materials to create stunning driveways, sidewalks, decks and more.