Benefits of Obtaining an IB Diploma

When it comes to our children’s education, it is normal that we only want what’s best for them. Thus, we would choose schools with the highest standards. Besides, having a good education could be advantageous for them. They may use it for college admissions and soon build a successful career. Although most private schools in Singapore are reputable, not all of them offer an IBDP.

What is IBDP?

InSingapore, an IBDP stands for “International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme”. It is almost the same as AP (Advanced Placement) as both programs allow students to take an advanced level of a particular course. However,  IBDP focuses more on international courses and it has a holistic approach. Whereas, AP is drawn after an America-based program, and it has a subject-focused approach.

The IB diploma programme in Singapore is for children who have reached the age of 16 to 19. Thus, these are students who are about to enter their post-secondary education. They have to go through a total of six subjects in which four of these subjects should be on the advanced level. The two remaining subjects are of the standard level.

Moreover, It is an educational programme that aims to develop the critical thinking and research skills of students. It is not exam-focused as compared to A-Level subjects. It is suitable for students who are inclined to learning at their own pace and managing their own time. Although a student might be required to take more courses during his post-secondary years, he may use this as extra credentials for college admissions. Thus, if you want your child to get into a prestigious university, you may want to encourage them to take an IBDP.

How Can Your Child Benefit from Obtaining an IBDP?

An IB diploma programme might seem like it’s extra work for a student, but taking this course is worth it. It has a wider scope, unlike the A-Levels. Moreover, it is more than just a ticket to a good college school. It also helps children to have a deeper understanding of every subject they take. It is not only about ensuring they come up with the right answers every exam.

Here are more of the benefits of taking an IBDP:

  • Obtain an “Academic Prowess”

Most colleges would consider three things: a student’s GPA, class rank, and transcript of grades. Although these are the top three factors, colleges and universities also look into the student’s extracurricular activities. They want to see whether your child is actively involved in such activities. It is a huge plus as it indicates how your child uses their spare time effectively. Fortunately, when your child signs up for an IBDP, expect to have a wide range of activities that await them.

Aside from engaging themselves in meaningful extracurricular activities, they most likely will also gain an “academic prowess” title. It means that they automatically set a good impression in every college that they want to apply to. It is because the IBDP diploma programme is widely recognised by schools all over the world. It

  • A Chance to Enrol to Global Schools

Since such an educational programme is globally recognised, your child has the opportunity to pursue their studies overseas. Although all students have this chance, children having this diploma have higher chances of getting accepted into an international school. They already stand out from the rest of the applicants. It is considered as a “prestigious qualification” among students.

  • Prepare for College

A student under this educational programme will get a taste of what college is like. Remember that a student must take advanced classes of their chosen subjects if they already choose to take this educational path. Besides, college or universities are a tad bit more difficult than secondary school. It is a higher-level education. Thus, it is more advanced.

Since your child is advanced, they already have an advantage among other students. They have an idea of how things will turn out, so it won’t be difficult for them to transition from secondary school to university. There is less pressure and stress on their part.

  • Develop a Multicultural Mindset

In Singapore, Chinese international schools with IBDP have bred students with a multicultural mindset. They would learn a second language that eventually moulds them into open-minded individuals. In simple terms, it is easier for them to become more accepting and understanding of people of different cultures.

Being liberal-minded can open doors to a lot of global international careers in the future. More so, it would not be a problem for them to adapt to a new workplace with a different culture.

  • Learn to Understand Instead of Memorising

Like what we said, IBDP is more on improving the problem-solving and critical thinking skills of a student. They will develop such skills as they go through their The Theory of Knowledge (ToK) classes.

Moreover, the level of intellectuality of a student does not depend on what score they got on an exam. It is about earning points after finishing a series of subjects, essays, and community service activities. With this kind of education, students are not merely memorising answers, they are taught to understand and analyse them.

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