Best 7 Fun Activities You Have to Do in Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is among the must-visit destinations to go to in Indonesia. If you wonder what to do in Labuan Bajo, we have made a listing of fun things to do.  Let’s check these seven tips!

  • Take a Speed Boat Tour of Komodo

If you have an extremely brief quantity of time in Labuan Bajo, however, you would like to visit a lot while you’re there, it’s possible to employ a speedboat at Labuan Bajo. The cost of a speedboat with fuel starts at around IDR 10,000,000 per day, which is very costly.  For instance, you may watch the sunrise out of Padar Island, see Rinca Island for your Komodo dragons, go cruising at the Pink Beach and go diving (or snorkeling) at Manta Point.

  • Discover the Komodos of Rinca Island

Rinca Island is in fact, the perfect place to see Komodo dragons. Like Komodo, if you would like to see the Komodo Dragons, you can join a hike on the island. The hikes are a lot shorter compared to Komodo Island since the island is a lot smaller. Even though there is a little opportunity to observe the Komodo Dragon on the rise around Rinca, you are almost sure to watch the dragons by the ranger station.

  • Choose a Hotel with a View

Among my favorite things concerning Labuan Bajo is the opinion you get overlooking the harbor at sunset and sunrise. Watching the colors of this bay change from orange into red and purple (or the other way around) is just incredible. So when you see Labuan Bajo, please, please book a hotel on the mountain with a fantastic view. There are a couple of great places to choose from. A few choices I urge include Sunset Hill Resort, Green Hill Boutique Hotel, and Golo Hilltop. You may thank me later.

  • Go Caving at Batu Cermin

The Batu Cermin Cave is one of the many tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo that is, in fact, close to the city. The caves can be found in a natural canyon between steep cliffs. The website’s highlights the Batu Cermin caves, which suggests Mirror Rock temples in black. The caves do this title because of the crystals at the stone that reflect the sunlight. The very best time to see the caves is between 9-10 in the morning once the sun comes through a hole in the stone illuminating the crystals.

  • Enjoy a Beer at Paradise Bar

The Paradise Bar is a chilled-out reggae bar with fantastic views overlooking Labuan Bajo bay and looking out over the sea. The pub becomes busy with tourists at sunset. In the evening a live band plays covers of famous tunes. There is a wonderful mixture of locals and tourists, which helped to give the bar a fantastic atmosphere.

  • Snorkel at the Pink Beach, Komodo

After viewing the Komodo dragons, the following action on many Komodo Island excursions is a visit to the Pink Beach. The beach gets its name in the reddish grains of sand made from the grains brightly colored coral, which provide the Pink Beach its distinguishing color. Alongside taking photos of the beach, it is also possible to go snorkeling throughout the coral reefs that are offshore. It’s a gorgeous spot to swim through and research, however, watch out for the solid international currents.

  • Watch the Sunset at Amelia Sea View

Amelia Sea View is a famous viewpoint Beyond Labuan Bajo. The hill overlooks a bay on the other side of Labuan Bajo. There are no hotel developments yet in this region of the island. This means beautiful views overlooking black grassland with palm trees.   Sylvia Resort is a new resort here. If you walk 5 – 10 minutes from the resort, you will come across the Amelia Sea View.

Vacation is more than just the scenery/food/accommodation, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Labuan Bajo by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.