Cheerleading Fundraiser

There are so many things you can do for a fundraiser especially as a group or as a cheer squad. You can choose to have this in your local community, attract lots of sponsorship, take donations, make friends, create a fanbase and so on.

Fundraising ideas are usually not that simple as you feel everything has been done or wouldn’t be as beneficial. But with the right idea and the right twist, it doesn’t matter if it’s been done before because you would still get the reactions you wanted.

There are quite a lot to do with your cheer team that is sure to bring people coming to see and entertained. One of the most eye-catching things about cheerleaders is their uniform and wearing it during a fundraiser is sure to gather attention and make donations.

So all you need to do is think out of the box in your organization and be determined. Cheerleaders are enthusiastic people who make everything better, so why not use that power? If you can’t, then who can?

We understand how coming up with an idea can be, this is why we have compiled a list of the best cheerleader fundraising ideas.

  1. The cheer car wash fundraiser

The cheer team can pick a day to wash cars to raise funds. It could be on a Saturday as this is usually the best time for a car wash. It is a great idea in the summer and even the spring. All you have to do is gain attention by holding signs or promoting it on social media.

  1. Sell School Merchandise.

The cheer team can come together and create things such as hooded sweatshirts, hats, backpacks and so on. These items can have their logos on it and then put them up for sale. Now these are very common items amongst school children and they are a great way of raising funds

  1. T-shirt Fundraiser.

You can use a T-shirt fundraiser to raise funds as well. All you have to do to hold a contest for a new design of the official school T-shirt yearly. You can either charge for entry fees or you can sell the new official shirts to raise funds. This is a good fundraiser to engage the school.

  1. Sell Wrapping Paper.

This is a good fundraising idea to practice during the holiday season. A gift wrap fundraiser is a good way to raise funds during the holiday season and you don’t want to pass that up.

You can invite a lot of people and let them know about your cause and your fundraiser. This way you are sure your family, friends, and members of the community would come to buy wrapping papers, ribbons and so on. Instead of going to Walmart, they can just support your cheer team instead.

  1. Popcorn Fundraiser

Selling popcorn with your cheerleading team is a good way to raise funds easily. You can get as much as 50% on each sale. The best part is that you can team up with a company like Fundraising Zoneand get your cause printed on the brochure. That way your cause is going out there for people to know what their money is going into. Your team and Fundraising Zone can then split the money 50-50.

  1. Start a chocolate fundraiser.

Everyone loves chocolate and even if they are unhealthy, it’s just for a day. You can market chocolate candy with a homemade taste and you are sure to attract a lot of people. Make a list of all the people you know are going to be interested in the event and invite them. Then make a video for promotions to show your customers. This is a very profitable fundraiser for a cheer team.

  1. Pep Rallies.

Pep rallies might be old fashioned but they get the job done. So holding a pep rally and charging an entrance fee is a good way to raise funds. This is a great way to let your friends and the school know the cause of your fundraiser.

  1. Hold A Cheer Show.

You and your cheer team can hold a show and charge money for tickets when people come to watch or you can just have them donate at the door. Whatever it is, people love to watch cheerleaders.


These are our top choices for a cheerleading fundraiser. So if you’ve been wanting to do one and you didn’t know what to do, here’s an idea. So why not begin your fundraiser today?