How to Bet on E-Sports?

Betting on e-sports is a relatively new opportunity. However, it has already become a huge industry with hundreds of millions of dollars on the line. People like betting games and teams and then watch the livestream, excited for the outcome. Let’s discuss how to bet on e-sports online?

Betting on e-sports

One should take several steps to bet on a video game. They are:

  • Pick a video game you know and like. There are dozens of options here.
  • Find a bookmaker that accepts bets on the game you need. There are more general options and sites dedicated to one certain game. For example, is a site specializing in Dota video games.
  • Look through the list of events connected to the game and choose the needed one. Video games are often included in various championships, tournaments, cups, etc.
  • Define the kind of bet you’d like to make. The easiest one is to predict the winning team. Some websites offer other options.
  • Choose the sum you can afford to bet. Deposit money to your account if needed. Don’t bet more than you can lose.
  • Verify your actions to submit the prediction.
  • Watch the game and get money if your prediction comes true.

It’s very easy to start betting on the favorite video game. However, one needs more than luck to win. It’s better to do some research and learn more about the teams, rules, and the game itself. Such observations are sure to pay off fast and bring more satisfaction from watching the livestream event.