How To Stay Productive Working From Home With Lockdown 2 On The Horizon

Many thoughts that the worst of the lockdown would have passed in 2020 however with the cold and dark nights closing in, the number of cases is starting to rise again and so is the death rate, so the government have had to bring in a new national lockdown. Many had just gotten used to working from home but with split opinion on how well working from home works, we’ve put together a little guide to ensure you can stay productive working from home.

[Image: Time Out]

First of all, ensuring that you are positioned correctly and working in an environment that is healthy for the productivity of your work. You hear many stories of many people rolling out of bed, putting their dressing gown on and working from home in front of the television. Although this might work for some, all in all we can’t believe this is very productive. Ensuring you are sat with a proper posture in a chair at a desk in a quiet and comfortable room would be what we would advise if you want to stay productive.

When working from home though, many have got into the habit of being lazy and sitting around, watching TV and not doing what they should be. This can be shown through the trend of online casinos experiencing a rise in numbers during the height of the lockdown such as Maximum Casinos. This is due to the quality of casino they have on offer and with the introduction of Lockdown 2 starting this week, these numbers are due to rise once more.

Working from home has allowed us to be able to spend more on fitness and our health than what we did when we were working from home. Due to many not having to commute, with the UK average commute being just under an hour, this has enabled us to spend half an hour doing a fitness session or even half an hour cooking some healthy food for lunch. Doing this enables us to feel better through good food and health, make us feel better about ourselves and therefore productivity will be increased.

And finally, one benefit from working from home is that you can create an environment that is moulded just for yourself compared to the office where you have to obey certain rules. Listening to music, creating a custom routine that works just for you, taking regular breaks to go outside and get fresh air are just some of the things that you can now do without the worry of annoying someone at the office as you are your own boss at home.