Is Your Career at Risk?

How hard have you worked over the years to get your career where it is now?

For many professionals, the answer is quite hard.

That said what if you may have in the past or could be now putting your career at risk? Would it be worth it?

If you think moves you’ve either made or are contemplating making can jeopardize your career, what to do?

Could Something in Your Past Be Lurking?

When looking at your career and how best to navigate it, could something in your past be lurking?

If you think there may be something of a criminal or notable financial concern in your past, take the time to act.

One option would be to go online and do a free background check.

It is important to remember that many businesses proceed with background checks. This is quite true when reviewing prospective employees. As a result, if you are applying for jobs elsewhere, chances are people are researching your past.

Now, even if you decide to stay put with your present job, it would not hurt for you to do a background check on yourself. Knowing what may be out there on the Internet can make you better prepared. This will be for any potential challenges you may have to face coming down the road.

When you enter your full name into a site that provides for such checks, take the time to gather and review the info.

Among some questionable issues in your past that may come back to bite you would include:

  • Any criminal issues – Remember, the extent to which you were convicted will go a long way in if you have much to fear.
  • Any financial mishaps – A bankruptcy filing and other such troubles can make it harder to get jobs. This is especially true in the financial sector now and down the road.
  • Any firings or run-ins with employers – Have you had firings or run-ins with employers? This can also be an issue you will have to deal with.

No matter the reasons for issues, knowing what your background says about you is key. As a result, a background search is definitely worth your time and effort.

What Are You Doing to Avoid Career Suicide?

Even if your background search comes back clean, what you do in your present job is important.

As an example, are you being a team player whenever you get the opportunity? Many companies like it when workers go the extra mile for the business.

It is also wise to steer clear of any office politics.

Yes, some people seem to have an attachment to office drama. As such, they can stand out like a sore thumb. Do your best to go in each day and do your job without raising any eyebrows for all the wrong reasons.

Finally, it is wise to be a contributor at meetings. By voicing your opinion and showing management you are into your job, you tend to stand out for the best reasons.

If you’ve done anything over time to put your career at risk, do what you can now to save it.