Keno Online

Keno is a game with ancient origins which reminds our Bingo and Lotto, is a simple, fun and fast. A relaxed and entertaining game that passionate about all players in the world and which is gaining popularity. The game became famous in the United States in 1800 when the immigrants were exported and made some changes, including the exchange of Chinese symbols in numbers. The game was a great success and was passed up to the present day.

Variants of online Keno

Keno online offers several versions of thebest south africa online casino game, from the flash that do not need to download video keno with 3D graphics and sounds.

The 3 main variants are:

Keno in Flash – the big advantage to play Keno in Flash is that you can avoid making the download of the game and you can play directly. In fact we prefer online Keno assumes the download but the flash version is equally fast and advanced and is ideal for those who do not want to download games or Casino on your pc.

Video Keno – It is similar to the online real money online pokies casino games with the next-generation graphics and 3D.

Online Keno – This is the best to play, exceptional graphics, game speed, sound and music. A version that makes the game relaxed and definitely fun.

Tips for playing online Keno

Choose carefully the numbers – when you play online keno, simply choose the numbers. Once you selected the numbers, software begins to extract random numbers ranging from 1 to 80. The system has no memory and could be extracted the same numbers in two or more consecutive games. The more numbers you choose the more chances of winning. Keno is one of the games in which the possibility of winning is much lower than other casino games.