Never miss a DAZN match

Watching the game on the TV or via DAZN is a great way to kick back and relax after a long day at work. Feet up and with great company, the scene is set for a good night of fun and being engrossed in the latest game right from kick off.

Travelling the world is also a meaningful and exciting past time but it often reflects badly on your keeping up with the latest football matches. Trying to access the games will often throw up messages like ‘not available in this territory’, no good at all if you were all settled and ready to catch up with the game.

So how can you work around this common problem?

Move location

Moving location in order to watch football matches on DAZN does seem like an extreme action to take in order to watch the footie, but no one said you had to physically move.

Streaming giants and sports networks like DAZN use something called geoblocks. These blocks are sections of coding that reveal to other parties where in the world you are connected to the Internet from. It is from this data that they know whether or not you are allowed to watch the content being streamed.

Geoblocks are referred to as such as they are usually based on the same geographical map of the atlas. Companies put blocks on territories to protect laws like copyright, and also third party contracts from firms like advertisers.

So in order to escape the never ending pop up messages saying you can’t watch the football, change your location.

VPNs and IP addresses

Looking up dazn italia all estero will give you a rough idea of how it can be done. Essentially the ideal route around geoblocks is to change your IP address. 

The easiest way to do so is to connect to the Internet via a VPN server. Virtual private networks (VPNs) operate to enhance security to the max and keep browsing sessions as private as they can be and with virtually no chance of hackers breaking through.

With servers all around the world, VPN providers can give new IP addresses for each connection to the Internet. So, if you are travelling around Europe but want to log on to Italian services for DAZN, simply tell the VPN to access an Italian server to get the right IP address.