Screen printing on t-shirt and its variations

The idea off-putting your design on the T-shirt has always been appealing. It is a daunting process to create a unique design that you could sell online and to have the design reach out to the crowd. One of the methods of printing on the t-shirt is the screen printing technique. Keep reading to find the details of the screen printing on cloth technique.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most popular and established method of printing that is widely used especially for bulk orders. It is the process that involves using the screens to apply the ink on the cloth. Screen printing the most traditional method used in printing the design on the T-shirt.

Screen printing is also known as silkscreen printing. It is a versatile and effective printing method that offers the best quality printing and tactile feel. The inks are deeply absorbed into the fabric in the screen printing technique. It helps in achieving a vivid coloured print that is durable.

Variations Screen Printing 

There is variation in the screen printing techniques that creates a bold, creative and outstanding effect – 

Gel printing:  

Gel screen printing is the method where a layer of high-density gel is used on the top of the screen printed t-shirt to create a 3D coating. IT ensures that the image stands out. It is also a durable and eco-friendly technique that uses the various versatile colours on the t-shirt.

The gel printing technique is generally used to create special effects on the t-shirt design pattern.

Puff printing technique:  

Puff printing produces the puffed 3D effect. The ink used in the puff printing technique is the plastisol just like the regular screen printing. The foaming agent used in it reacts to the heat to puff up. 

Puff printing is widely used to create logo designs that should stand out.

Crackle finish: 

Crack finish screen printing variation is the method where the ink breaks-up when dried to create a cracked effect.

Glitter finish: 

 In this method, the glitter is added to the screen printing for the design to stand out. The care is given for the glitter to not flake out.

Glow in the dark finish: 

Glow in the dark screen printing is created in the same process as traditional screen printing. But the inks used are the glow in the dark ones that make the design, or part of the design glow when the t-shit is placed in the darker space. The printed design looks grey or off-white, but, when the lights are turned off, and the ink glows in the dark!

 Glow in the dark technique is used by the retailers, clients who wish to market their products and brands, event agencies to print the design on the t-shirt that they want to stand out in the crowd.

 UV glow finish: 

 UV glow finish is the method in which the photochromic inks have used that change the colour when it is exposed to UV light. UV glow finish design also looks off-white like the glow in the dark ones, but when it will reveal the chosen colour when exposed to UV light.

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