The Secrets To VoIP Success

While you are out selling, you are bound to run into some customers with poor opinions of VoIP after having bad experiences with so-called “providers” who were not good partners.

Companies need to be reminded to not throw the baby out with the bathwater. The truth of the matter is that when VoIP is deployed by a dependable provider it can provide a business with substantial benefits.

So how can you ensure that the adoption of VoIP by a company is successful? A VoIP solution can be successful if the three measures below are in place:

1. A Strong Network

It is essential for a VoIP provider to have a strong network that includes data centers with infrastructure that is carefully developed. To have stable platforms and to offer good service, it is necessary to have a strong network. Dutale, Inc. has a network that is made up of fiber optic ring networks that are self-healing as well as several different carrier-class data centers. It also has multiple redundancy layers, which include geo-redundancy to provide for continuous operation and maximum uptime.

2. Broadband Connectivity

It is essential for a VoIP buyer to have broadband connectivity to make sure there is a reliable connection like that has sufficient bandwidth for providing the solution. When a company has broadband already, Dutale can utilize this connection. Even in situations where there is no broadband connectivity, it can often provide the capability to bundle broadband along with its hosted VoIP service.

3. Capable Local Area Networks

For VoIP, the local area network is a critical backbone. Dutale recognizes how important this is and unlike many other providers, it has sales engineers be part of the sales process early on to ensure that VoIP and LAN customers can work together to provide service.

Hosted VoIP succeeds when each of the pillars works together and ensures the reliability and success of VoIP. Dutale has its experienced experts support and evaluates each of the foundations. It uses its experience to deliver service properly in almost every type of situation you can imagine.

Anyone who is considering hosted VoIP should be reassured that Dutale has the proven solutions and technology that work with the finest minds in the industry to translate its solutions into huge success stories.

Dutale, Inc. knows the proven path to success!