Wallpaper: How It Makes Your Home Beautiful

House is the sanctuary of many people. It is where they get to relax after a long tiring day at work, so it must be clean and beautiful. One of the things to make it stunning is its wallpaper. Home wallpapers have an impact on the overall appearance of the place. It is one of the first things your visitors will notice, so it must create a good impression. Also, the wallpaper of your house will show your mood or what kind of a person you are.


Walls are the widest part of your home that you need to design. With the help of wallpaper, you could make your walls pleasing and welcoming. It is easy to install, or you could look for a wallpaper installation service in Singapore. But just like buying other things, there are many things that you need to consider when purchasing wallpaper for your home. Here are some of them:


Quality is the first thing that you need to look for in wallpaper. It is where you will see if it is worth buying or not. Look for the materials used in the wallpaper and its different types. Search for wallpaper for a home in Singapore that is from the following:

  • Textile wallpaper – it could be from polyester or natural fibres. You can differentiate it from other wallpapers through its casual look.
  • Vinyl wallpaper – it is the most common type of wallpaper. You could wash it, and it is easy to install.
  • Hand-screened wallpaper – if you want to have bright coloured walls, look for this type of wallpaper. However, it is sensitive to areas that have moisture, like bathrooms.

You will know the quality of the wallpaper through these things. It could also be your guide which one suits your home and your preference.


When choosing a colour of wallpaper for your home in Singapore, you need to check if it suits your taste. You can match different colours to see what will satisfy you. Also, think of the appliances and furniture you will have to choose the right one.

The colour of your walls will have a message to the people who will enter your home, like your visitors. You could have soft colours, cool colours, or warm colours. If you want wallpaper that will make your space look big, choose any light colour. Dark colours could make your home or room look small.


The texture of your wallpaper could help in hiding the flaws of your wall. Some wallpaper designs you could use are marble or wood designs. You could also personalise your wallpaper if the ones presented to you are not suitable to your preference. There are also wall stickers in Singapore that could help you hide the imperfections of your wall.


Think of the lights of your home before you purchase wallpaper. It is better if the lights are natural, while white lights if already dark outside. Those lights could highlight the wallpaper of your home. You could also use warm lights if white lights are not to your liking.


There are many wallpaper designs and patterns to choose from. But aside from the choices that you will have, you could also personalise your wallpaper. You could choose the one that suits your preference or the theme that you want for your home. Some of the patterns you will commonly see in wallpapers are the following:

  • Vertical Pattern
  • Horizontal Pattern
  • Dark Design and Colour
  • Large Pattern
  • Floral Designs

The wallpaper designs that you will choose must match the others in other parts of your home. You need to see if they would complement each other even if they have different designs. You could start by colour matching or depend on the furniture you have.


Do not forget that the space of your home is one of the things you need to consider. Some colours and patterns could affect the appearance of the house. It could make your home look small or big. Also, consider the doors and windows because it is where the natural light would come from.


Many people do not think of the purpose of their wallpaper. You need to know it so you could get the appropriate design for the space. A good example would be the room of your children. You could choose a wallpaper that is for children, like animal prints. If you do not see it in the store, you could personalise the wallpaper to match it to the person in that room.

When buying something, you need to have a foundation of what you need or want to buy. These are only some of the necessary things you need to think of when it comes to wallpaper. There are still more that you will learn as time goes by.



If you search online, you will see many wallpaper suppliers in Singapore. Some of them offer the same designs, patterns, and colours. But, it is the price that you need to see and if they are a reliable supplier or not. Here are the things that you need to look for in a wallpaper supplier.

  • Legitimacy – to ensure that you will not be a scam victim, check the legitimacy.
  • Services – aside from selling wallpapers, you need to check if they also offer wallpaper installation services to help you.
  • Pricing – fair price is what you need to see in them. If you want to compare prices from other stores, it is okay. You could perform price matching if you like.
  • Customer Service – questions and hesitations are answerable with the help of customer service. Without them, it will be hard for you to understand their products and offers.
  • Positive Reviews – it will be your guide in choosing the right product and supplier. It will also help you know the necessary things about the wallpaper you want to buy.

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