3 Reasons Why You Need Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Air conditioners are becoming more of a necessity in everyday life, especially during the summer season. However, like all other appliances, there are plenty of issues your aircon can run into that might prevent it from working efficiently. It’s crucial to know the signs of the different problems an aircon might have. That way, you’ll be able to identify the issue and either fix it yourself or get an aircon repair service in Singapore to do it for you. Here are three issues your aircon might run into and how to fix them.

1. Aircon maintenance cleaning

While this isn’t an issue, keeping your aircon clean and well-maintained can prevent any breaks in the future. The most efficient way is to book an appointment for an aircon chemical wash in Singapore. Professionals use chemical-based cleaners stronger than household detergents to wash and recondition your aircon. Give your aircon a chemical wash every six months to keep it at maximum efficiency.

2. Restoring an old aircon

If you need an air conditioner but don’t have the money to buy a new one, try restoring an old one. Contact a professional for an aircon chemical overhaul in Singapore. While it uses the same chemical-based cleaners as a chemical wash, the professional cleaner will also dismantle the aircon to clean every part individually. They will then dry and reassemble the aircon and do a test run to see if it works properly.

3. Aircon gas leak

If you think your aircon is working less efficiently, it might be due to a gas leak. Air conditioners use cooling liquid or gas to cool the air, so a leak would make the aircon less effective. In this case, you can get a gas top up for your aircon to replace the gas. If your aircon gas needs top up, the price depends on what kind of gas it needs. R22 costs S$50-80, while R410 costs S$60-150.

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