4 Benefits Of Linking Your ICICI Business Account To The Payment Gateway

Payment gateways are online payment collection channels that are coupled with apps to accept payments through debit or credit banks as well as via net banking. Through these payment gateway channels, a buyer is able to make a payment straight from their bank account and have the money deposited into the account of the merchant. After the users have been transferred to the gateways as well as the transaction has been completed, they are brought back to the site from which they originated. Here we are sharing why you must link your business account with the ICICI payment gateway-

1. Excellent protection for financial transactions

Every single online transaction absolutely requires protected payment methods. ICICI Payment gateway utilizes the most up-to-date security technology to ensure the safety of all financial transactions, including those involving your customers and yourself, so that payment transfers may be performed safely. Customers are able to fully enjoy shopping in the modern era of online commerce and take advantage of the wide variety of alternatives and choices that the internet makes available to the general public, thanks to the existence of ICICI payment gateways. The number of vendors who move their operations online and the number of customers who do the same contribute to the ongoing expansion of the online marketplace. The significance of payment gateways can indeed be underestimated when taking into account the heightened confidence shown by customers toward online shops.

2. Indemnification and Reports

Your company’s development and sales may be compared to industry standards in large part thanks to the settlement & reports provided by the bank. The payment gateway not just provides an integrated payment solution to handle hundreds of transactions in a short amount of time, but it also makes the process of settlement very simple. It observes and does an analysis of the transaction that was conducted through the ICICI payment gateway. With the assistance of sales reports, invalid transactions, reimbursements, and different client information, the process of sales reconciliation is simplified. You can click here to know more about this in detail.

3. Manage the Aspects of the Business Efficiently

Having your own payment gateway service comes with a number of advantages, and there are even more of them. You will be able to rapidly and effectively handle all elements of your organization, including the customer service desk as well as the marketing and advertising departments. The monies in your workers’ accounts will also be readily available to them in an expedient and uncomplicated manner for their use. This is a far easier procedure than having to wait for foreign payments to clear, and you’ll be able to take payment from a larger range of client bases. In addition, you will be ready to accept international funds.

4. Alternatives for a merchant account.

An arrangement between a merchant as well as an acquiring bank is what is known as a merchant account. This agreement stipulates that the merchant will enable the bank to handle all of its financial dealings. In addition, when a merchant accepts credit card payments, they agree to abide by the operational standards of credit card processing which are set out by the credit card companies.

You may create a merchant account with an ICICI payment gateway provider or a bank. Both of these types of businesses provide merchant accounts as a service to their customers. This includes the companies that handle the payments. Consider what the supplier of your existing merchant account has to offer if you already have one. If it is not an option for you, you should look for a service that provides merchant accounts right from the beginning.


You can consider an ICICI payment gateway for your business where you can ensure a smooth experience for your users.