4 Heartfelt Ways To Keep A Cremation Diamond

Turning ashes to diamonds is not a prevalent concept in Singapore. Some people get freaked out at the thought of keeping a relic with their loved one’s remains, preferring to remember them differently. Meanwhile, others treat these tokens as reminders of their relatives or pets and even carry them around wherever they go.

While there is no one method to memorialise a deceased loved one, getting memorial diamonds is an unusual yet creative way to remember them. But what can you do from the jewels you get from your beloved’s remains? Scroll through to get a few ideas.

1.  Turn Into Jewellery

Getting a necklace for the ashes of your deceased pet or relative is one of the best ways to use a cremation diamond. You could pick a style that suits various outfit combinations so you could wear the necklace on any occasion and take your departed loved one everywhere.

2.  Make A Bag Charm

If you are not keen on having and wearing keepsake jewellery, you could use memorial diamonds to create a bag charm. Doing so can also be a discreet way to carry a token that reminds you of your special moments with your deceased loved one.

3.  Keep With The Urn

Whether keeping the urn at a crematorium or at home, you could store your departed’s memorial diamonds with the rest of their ashes. You could use the jewels to decorate the urn or store it in a box beside the container.

4.  Put In A Display Case

Aside from turning it into accessories, you could put a cremation diamond in a cushioned display case and place it anywhere in your home. You could also take it to your office and put it on your desk or shelves.

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