4 Mistakes To Avoid During A Corporate Photo Shoot

In the age of smartphone cameras and social media, it still seems to be a requirement for companies and businesses to have a professional corporate photo shoot.

The outcome of these shoots, literally and figuratively, is the image of the brand, its culture and environment, and the people behind it.

Here are the common mistakes managers and employees make during a corporate photo shoot:

1. Overdressing and underdressing

Most people tend to overdress during a corporate photoshoot and video production in Singapore with their overly done hair and makeup and extravagant clothing.

Wear clean business attire and light makeup during a company shoot, enough to make yourself presentable and professional looking.

Avoid dressing like you are just meeting with your friends at the pub. Board shorts and ordinary T-shirts are a no-no.

2. Not looking at the camera.

If you are shooting a portrait photograph, always look at the camera. Eye contact has a meaning in corporate photography. It indicates trust, transparency, credibility, reliability, and power.

Chin up, gaze at the camera sharply and steadily, and wear your professional yet approachable smile.

3. Scripted shots in action.

Besides portraits, there are also action shots, where the photographer and videographer in Singapore capture candid moments of the subject.

It could be an engineer examining the building’s blueprint or mandating their staff. There are times when the subject feels conscious when photographers capture them candidly. The photos will either look awkward or too scripted.

It is essential for the subject to be in their element when doing action photoshoots.

4. Using inappropriate background

It may be fun to do the photoshoot and video production in Singapore in tourist spots, such as beaches and temples, but these are inappropriate backgrounds. Rather than on the subject, the viewer’s focus would be on the background.

Choose a plain and neutral background

Keep these mistakes in mind during your corporate photo shoot!

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