4 Questions To Ask About A Face Mask In Singapore


Ever since the pandemic happened, have you tried going out without wearing face masks? It feels unsafe if you are not wearing it, especially if you will go to a public place like the park, mall, or attend a gathering. With this, wearing and bringing an extra face mask in Singapore is necessary. It can protect you from catching the virus that may harm your health.


Asking questions is part of the lives of people. If there is something you do not understand, you need an answer to it. And, you can only get it if you will ask questions. So if you want to clarify or understand things about wearing a face mask, start your search by asking the following questions:


The first thing you should know about a face mask is how to wear it. Even if the pandemic happened two years ago, many still wear it wrongly. So to ensure that you do not ditch the purpose of the product, you must know how to wear it. You will see the instructions on the box, or you can watch tutorials on the internet. But to help you, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Check if the logo is in front. It must be the one people will see if they will talk to you. The brand is on the upper right side of the mask.
  • Open the mask, then widen the string. It is what you will put behind your ears to ensure that it will not fall. If you want to adjust it, you can do it. However, it must not be too tight because it can suffocate you.
  • Once you put the string behind your ears, adjust the face mask to cover your mouth and nose. You also need to check the sides to see if there are openings that could harm your health.
  • A wire is on top, and you must press it to your nose bridge. If you feel it in that area, you can guarantee that you are wearing the mask correctly.

These are the steps on how to wear your face masks correctly. Ensure that your mouth and nose are covered because they are the ones that can catch the virus. But even if you have it, be mindful of what you touch. Your hands can also get the virus from touching things, so always bring alcohol or wet wipes.


You do not need to wear a face mask when at home. But, guarantee that the people with you do not have the virus because it could start spreading in your home. You can wear the mask if you go to a meeting, go to work, have a vacation with your loved ones, or go to the mall and buy some groceries. If you feel some COVID-19 symptoms, check with your doctor immediately.



People always ask this question when the pandemic is still new. Not everyone is knowledgeable enough about the purpose of face masks, so people always ask if the product can protect them. But if you still have this question until now, it is acceptable. Some people still catch the virus even if they always wear a mask outside their homes. It could be from the things they touch or being with asymptomatic people.


There are different types of face masks, and one of the things you can check is a disposable face mask. You do not need to wash and keep it after usage because you can already throw it. Ensure that you dispose of it properly to avoid mistakenly re-using it.

Asking these questions before buying a surgical mask in Singapore can help you understand its purpose and how it can help you. But aside from protecting yourself, you can also protect others from getting the virus. You do not need to worry if you encounter different people outside your home because you know that face masks are there to lessen the chance of catching the virus.


Now that you know the questions you can ask, you must also learn what you should see in a face mask supplier. They are the ones who can explain to you the differences between the masks and how to wear them correctly. You will also see various kinds in their store, so choose one that can help you avoid getting the virus. But before buying the product, here are the things you need to check with a supplier:



  • The COMPANY BACKGROUND is where you will know more about the company. You can read about them on their website, including the year they started and the services they offer.
  • CONTACT DETAILS is helpful to always get updates from the brand. You will see their phone number or email address on the bottom part of the website, so ensure that you scroll down and read the content on the page.


  • PRODUCTS LIST is where you will see the products they sell. Aside from face masks, what are other things they offer? If you need something and they sell it, you will not have difficulty contacting other stores.
  • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS is the space where there are simple questions with an answer provided. If you have concerns about their product, you can check the FAQs first. If the answer you are looking for is not there, coordinate with them through live chat or email.
  • OFFICE ADDRESS is also available on the bottom part of the page. If you are uncomfortable talking with them online, you know where to visit them.

Checking these things in a supplier can help you look for a reliable and legitimate one on the internet. You do not need to worry about the product you will receive because you know that the store is trusted by many. You know your money is worth it, making you buy from them again. To buy a surgical mask in Singapore, search for a supplier or visit the website of Air+ Family.