4 Reasons to Pick a Secure Online Signature Over a Physical One

Today in Singapore, we have a trusted service that allows us to take virtual signatures of any kind. The system is called Singapore Personal Access, also known as the SingPass. If you are tired of rifling stacks of documents to sign and deliver to government offices, take care of your SingPass identity. It is part of the digital signing solutions that are integral parts of the country.

While SingPass might look secure enough, a new and improved SingPass account will elevate your trust, safety, security, and privacy levels for signing documents for governmental or third-party individuals’ purposes.

Here are a few reasons you should trust a digital online signature over a wet or physical one.

1. It is environmentally friendly

Paperless offices are becoming more popular these days, which means you need an alternative way to keep and store verified documents. You need a digital signature system like SingPass and more to help you record and keep track of your crucial signed documents.

2. It is less of a hassle to receive copies of documents

You can easily duplicate documents with your signature using a digital device, all without compromising the integrity of your documents. Many modern devices prevent malicious  reproduction of signed documents while conveniently creating copies.

3. It can verify identities much more easily

Someone holding an E-signature device can have an easier time than someone who asks you to sign on paper documents. A secure electronic signature is more challenging to lose than papers.

4. It lets you sign remotely

Not many people have the time to visit a government office to retrieve and sign documents, which is why SingPass is so revolutionary. You can sign and submit documents remotely and simply wait for the results to come back.

The future of the world is digital. Learn more about how a digital sign in Singapore is safer than a written one by checking out Dedoco’s website.