5 Tips for Planning a Memorable Marriage Proposal

Most people want to find a partner and spend their life with them. As easy as it sounds, finding love is a complicated thing for some people. There are dating apps, bars, clubs, or maybe you can rely on destiny. Wherever you go, there is a possibility that you’ll meet someone, but it doesn’t mean that the person is the one. See, it sounds tiring! It can even feel like a job interview because you’ll go on many dates.

On the positive side, you can find your partner in unexpected situations and at any age! You can be 30, 50, or even 60, and still, love is a powerful force that binds two people together regardless of their differences. It is indeed true that love will find you on its own. And if it does, make the most out of it and plan a surprise proposal set up in Singapore.

Finding your partner is a journey. To celebrate your union, here are tips for planning your memorable proposal.

What is the Purpose of Marriage Proposals?

Some people may think that marriage proposals are only about grandeur and surprises. In reality, it is more than that. A marriage proposal is a question that offers your hand to be someone’s life partner. “Will you marry me?” is a sign of respect that you’re asking your partner’s permission to be with you for the rest of your life. It stands as consent before marriage.

See, it is an essential process if you meet your partner. If you’re a woman, it’s also okay to propose since men and women are equal. Before you go for a proposal package in Singapore, learn the purpose of marriage proposals in a relationship.


Purpose 1: Once in a lifetime

There are billions of people in the world. However, you’ll only have one partner for the rest of your life. It means you’re going to propose only once. After all, marriage makes a special connection between two people: you and your partner. So, make it meaningful with a balloon bouquet or customised balloons in Singapore.  It also symbolises a new beginning as a married couple.

Purpose 2: Shows commitment

Showing your commitment is not enough with gifts, sweet words, or spending time with your partner. Loyalty is a genuine emotion that shows your love for your partner. And one way to do it is to prepare a marriage proposal. Proposing takes courage and willingness! So express your commitment with a genuine proposal set up in Singapore.

Purpose 3: A memory to treasure

The marriage proposal is a memory to treasure. You can also share stories on how you proposed to your partner with your children or grandchildren in the future. For sure, it can put a smile on their face.  To make it memorable, you can use a proposal decoration in Singapore to show your love and effort. In doing so, this memory will warm your heart during cloudy days.

Now that you know the purpose of marriage proposals. It is time for you to plan for a surprise proposal for your partner. So, continue reading this article for the proposal set up tips.


How to Plan for Your Surprise Proposal

Are you ready to ask will you marry me but don’t know how to plan for a surprise proposal? Well, let this section help make a memorable proposal for your partner! You can also look for a proposal package in Singapore to help you prepare. You may feel a lot of pressure right now, but trust the process, and your partner will love it.

Here’s how to have a successful surprise proposal.


1)  Choose a Sentimental Location

You can add sentimental value to your surprise proposal. For instance, you could propose in an amusement park where you first met, a restaurant where you shared a first kiss or a country where you travel together. This way, it can feel more genuine and personalised. On top of this, you can look for a proposal decoration to make it more special and memorable.

It can also signify that your relationship is significant to your heart because you remember those small moments in your relationship.

2)  Invite Family and Friends

Marriage is a life milestone. There would be many changes in a person’s life. You’ll move out from your family, or even less time with your friends after marriage. Hence, it is better to invite family and friends to show that your relationship with your partner is moving on to the next stage.  After your partner says yes, you can share a group hug with your friends and family’s support.

To make it more special, you can bring your friends or family members to decorate marriage proposals with customised balloons and a balloon bouquet in Singapore.

3)  Don’t Forget the Photographer

Also, don’t forget to hire a photographer. The photographer should capture your special moments with your partner. After that, you can frame the picture and look at it from time to time. Remember that professional photographers know how to find the best angle, lighting and positions. So, you can expect to have appealing photos. To make the location more photogenic, use some proposal decoration to make the place more attractive.

4)  Use Music to Improve the Atmosphere

A marriage proposal should feel lovely, romantic and magical. To do this, incorporate music in your surprise proposal. You can hire a musical band or install speakers around the location. You can play your partner’s favourite music to make it complete the ambience. When you have a music background, it can feel more romantic. Music for a proposal set up in Singapore makes it more worthy as a memory.

5)  Choose a Symbolic Flower

Of course, flowers are part of the marriage proposal! A flower can symbolise your love for your partner. Hence, look for a flower that will resonate with your partner’s personality. You can give a rose that shows passionate love. Lastly, you can incorporate flowers with your proposal decoration to make it more symbolic.

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