5 Vital Reasons You Need a Water Leak Detection System for Your Data Centre

When leaks go undetected for long periods, enormous damage and loss can occur. A small leak that goes undetected can do a lot of damage to our expensive machinery. Getting a leak in your plumbing system can cause water loss, damage to expensive machinery, and the growth of vegetation you don’t want. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a water leak detection system, you may not realise there’s a problem until it’s too late. Because of this, a good and reliable water leak detection system is essential for keeping an eye out for any standing water around vital areas.

The key benefits of installing a water detection system in your data centre are discussed below.

1. Avoid Structural Damage

The foundation of the building can get compromised by groundwater seepage, which raises the relative humidity inside and fosters mould and other pests. The costs of fixing all of these issues could add up quickly. These catastrophes can be avoided, in part, by making a concerted effort to detect water leaks. And you can achieve this with a quality sensing cable.

2. Protect Equipment

The data centre houses essential resources for the smooth running of the facility. Leaks in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), water pipes, drainage, or groundwater can cause problems if they don’t get repaired promptly. And the rapid detection of water leaks by a Tracetek system can protect businesses from the loss of investment and the astronomical costs associated with repairs.

3. Avert Business Interruptions

Computers, servers, and other pieces of IT hardware get easily damaged by moisture. Leaks of any size, especially those that go undetected for a long time, can have a devastating effect on the usefulness and safety of the apparatus and the information it houses. The business will be impacted significantly without a water leak detection system, not just by the physical destruction of machinery.

4. Prevent Financial Liabilities

Humidity poses a significant threat to data centres. Permanent damage and system failure can result from prolonged exposure to high humidity. When a system fails, it can have consequences for a business, including losing customers, money, and even goodwill. It blatantly demonstrates how water leaks threaten a company’s ability to stay open and continue operations. You must invest in a Tracetek because water leaks can cause significant financial losses if not detected and repaired quickly.

5. Save Precious Time

It is challenging to detect the presence of water. Flooding under computer-raised floorings, for instance, would go undetected if not for the false ceiling that hides the pipes above. Water spots reveal the presence of condensation or leaks. And there are several potential sources of water accumulation, including broken pipes, seepage from neighbouring walls, and condensation from air conditioners. As a result, water can seep through to the adjacent walls or even the floor below. In addition, the correct solutions prevent the need for the trial-and-error method of breaking through concrete while searching for leaks. Any water leaks, wherever they may be, can be located in real-time by an off-site water leak detection system.

If you need a durable sensing cable, contact Canatec today to ensure a leak-free data centre.