6 Layers of Cybersecurity Every Employee Should be Aware of

According to the IT experts, there are many layers of cybersecurity, it is just like an onion. When hacked, it may lead to many tears. Hence, when it comes to cyber security concerns, every person in the company must be well apprised with the cybersecurity layers to shield their company from threats.

  1. Social engineering

This is the first and foremost layer that protects a company from cyberattacks. Hackers seek general information from the web and then they use this very info to blackmail and manipulate the employees of a bank, for instance to divulge personal and sensitive information. While this leaking of info is deemed a failure on employee’s behalf, where they are not trained by the company on the emphasis of security protocols. This can be fixed by stating the security processes and reviewing them with your employees and testing them as well. Build a process where the callers are verified and passwords or any other kind of sensitive customer information is not disclosed.

  1. Physical security

You may believe that technology may keep your sensitive information safe, but hackers are well versed with the tricks that can let them accomplish quite the contrary. Many businesses tend to overlook the physical aspects of the operations that contribute to a threat, like leaving computers exposed etc. This can be fixed by not leaving systems exposed, drive encryption, cloud backups etc.

  1. Wireless security

Your internet connection itself could be a threat to your business. Our internet connections have the capability to be hacked by anyone remotely and hijack our network. Once your firewall is permeated, file sharing is done without protection, or improperly encrypted accounts can become a medium to gain access to other sensitive information. This can be fixed by using WPA2 protocols. Your router should also have a strong password.

  1. Passwords

Speaking of passwords, they also need to be changed often and never shared with anyone. You need to have a strong password with a combination of upper and lowercase characters, symbols etc.

  1. Two factor authentication

Even when you create the strongest password, hackers still find a way to hack into your security. Hence, companies must invest in using two factor authentication.

  1. Email security

If nothing is under your control, the best you can do is protect your email accounts. This is because your email account is the only way to change passwords to other accounts. Once you have secured your email account, you can take a sigh of relief.