6 Reasons Why Every Business Should Use the VoIP Telephone System

There are innumerable benefits to using VoIP telephone systems. It is, therefore, no surprise at their popularity, with one VoIP telephone handling over an impressive 14 Million Transactions in a single day. These benefits centre around but are not limited to increased team productivity, reduced cost, and time management. Here are the benefits of VoIP Phone Systems in detail:

Reduced Cost per call.

Unlike traditional telephones which used communication lines, the VoIP telephone system uses Internet Protocol to make calls. This means that all your business has to do is set up an internet protocol either through a telephone service provider, directly through the internet, or a combination of both options. All calls, therefore, turn into packets, sent over the IP network. Comparatively, this is cheaper as the cost of the call does not include numerous charges from the telephone lines that had to be set up, and maintained to facilitate a call, which was the case for traditional systems. Long-distance calls were especially expensive but with the internet, hundreds of miles could literally be a few inches away! The overall result is a reduced cost for both long-distance and domestic calls.

Efficient Client Interaction

Weather influences and damages to existing communication lines were known to reduce the quality, or completely cut off communication. With these phones, however, all you need to do is pick up the phone and dial, regardless of whether the person is abroad or close by. This is because with the VoIP service, all you need is an internet connection and you’re connected all day, anywhere on the globe. There is, therefore, no reason to reschedule important calls or to fail to forward essential documents. This system, in fact, has a feature that enables you to redirect office calls to your mobile phone or laptop when they go unanswered over the first two or three rings. It is truly the very definition of convenience, and simply because you’re away from the office doesn’t mean that you have to miss urgent client calls!

VoIP Service Mobility

As previously alluded to, this system does not require communication lines to function, which facilitates mobility. When calls are redirected to your mobile phone, it makes an on-the-go business fluid, as calls can still be made while you’re on the move. These VoIP phones will come in handy tremendously for such a business. You, therefore, need not remember dialling codes or stay glued in the office to pick all-important calls. You have the freedom to move as per your business demands, without any mental stress over missed phone calls. When combined with a voip phone number, such as an 0345 or 0333 number, customers benefit too by only paying a local call rate.

Many Features

The system has many great features that support effective business management. You could, for example, add the voicemail-to-text feature so that all missed calls are converted to text and sent to your email, form where you could access them even when caught up in a busy schedule. You can then forward this to team members if you’re not in a position to respond.

Simple Conference Calls

Using a converged data network makes conference calls easier and cheaper since these services were paid for previously.

More Reliable

Weather damages and construction damages no longer pose a threat to communication. The internet increases reliability and with the forwarding feature, even when the internet fails in the office, you still get to receive urgent calls.

The VoIP Telephone systems are truly unmatched and are perfect for effective business management!