6 Types of Homes in Dallas

Homebuyers in Dallas, Texas, range from young single adults to large families and everything in between. As such, their location and style preferences tend to vary. The diverse architectural manners and techniques used in these houses appeal to all walks of life, including newlyweds, senior couples, families, and young professionals. Below are six types of homes frequently spotted in Dallas and the variety of home buyers they attract.

High-Rise Buildings

High-rise buildings, though fairly uncommon in Dallas, have become increasingly popular among home buyers. These buildings mesh the pride of homeownership with the luxury of downtown living. Most high-rise buildings are located Downtown and thus provide easy access to employment centers and public transportation, which can be very attractive to prospective home buyers with a soft spot for city life.


Loft-style apartments have become progressively enticing to young professionals in the Northern Texas area. They provide the extra space and a walkable neighborhood that can be difficult to find in a crowded city. In addition, most loft-style apartments are situated near employment centers, a feature that tends to appeal to young adults.


Ranch-style houses, likely the most frequent type of single-family houses in Dallas, are generally found in the suburbs. They offer a spacious floor plan and plenty of natural light within the household, drawing families to this informal but nostalgic housing style. Topped off with artistic landscaping, ranch houses remain a popular choice among home buyers and architects.


Texas is often associated with and even trademarked for its hot and humid climate. Southern-style houses lubricate natural airflow through design elements such as wrap-around porches, upper levels, and sizable shutters (to block sunlight). These features contribute to proper ventilation and illumination that can make the muggy summer months more bearable and thus more appealing to home buyers.

Mediterranean Revival

Recognizable by their clay tile roofs and wrought-iron balconies, Mediterranean Revival houses cater to Dallas’ Southern heat with various outdoor constituents. Inspired by Italian palazzos, these houses often comprise courtyards, terraces, and balconies. As a result, homebuyers with a partiality for the palatial charm and eccentric design tend to be drawn to Mediterranean Revival houses.

French Country

French Country-style houses, characterized by their distressed wooden beams and stone fireplaces, capture the cottage-like atmosphere particular to Provence, France. Their blue shutters and Texas stone exteriors exude a soft, romantic aura that entices traditional, country-loving home buyers.

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