7 Strategies for Businesses to Break the Mold and Outshine Competitors

Marketing isnt only about advertising or how many sales you can make through a fancy website. Making sales should be the ultimate goal, but its how you get to this point, increase your sales, and maintain customer relationships that will make or break a successful marketing strategy.

Making Your Mark with Extraordinary Customer Service

According a well-known digital marketing consultant London, as a business owner, it’s no secret that the competition is fierce. One key reason businesses don’t survive is their inability to differentiate themselves from others. To succeed, it’s vital that you find ways to set your company apart.

Here are seven strategies to ensure your business shines brighter than the rest:

  1. Going the Extra Mile with Customer Service

Many businesses tout their customer service as their distinguishing factor, but few deliver genuinely outstanding experiences. To make a real impact, consider how you can go above and beyond your competitors. For example, Fleet Feet custom-fits running shoes and lets customers test them out in the parking lot. Reflect on how your business can provide extraordinary service that outshines the rest.

  1. Alleviating Customer Pain Points

Winning customers over means addressing their pain points. Dental Bliss, for instance, created a dental practice with a spa-like atmosphere, complete with noise-cancelling headphones, refreshments, and massages. Consider how your business can solve common problems for customers in unique ways.

  1. Rethinking Business Models

Exploiting gaps in competitors’ business models can set your company apart. Direct-to-consumer brands like Warby Parker and Dollar Shave Club disrupted traditional supply chains, delivering quality products at lower prices. Reflect on how your business can challenge the status quo.

  1. Zeroing In on a Niche Market

Broad, unfocused offerings often end up serving no one. By catering to a specific niche, you can better serve your target audience. CJ Advertising, for example, focuses exclusively on personal injury law firms across the U.S. Narrow down your target market to create a stronger connection with customers.

  1. Crafting a Compelling Offer or Guarantee

Reducing the perceived risk of purchasing your product or service can make all the difference. Zappos, for example, offers a year-long return policy, giving customers peace of mind and making them more likely to buy. Consider guarantees or offers that your competitors haven’t thought of yet.

  1. Building a Memorable Company Culture

A strong company culture not only attracts top talent but also serves as a powerful marketing tool. Rustici Software’s benefits program, Jenafits, is a prime example. Named after their company concierge, Jena, the program provides a range of services to make employees’ lives easier. Consider how you can create an environment that people are excited to work in.

  1. Embracing Cause Marketing

Demonstrating social responsibility and ethical values can help your brand stand out. Collaborating with non-profits or launching giving campaigns are effective ways to achieve this. Another option is promoting social causes, as seen with Dove’s real beauty campaign, which challenges unattainable beauty standards and promotes body confidence. Reflect on how your brand can showcase its commitment to social responsibility and ethical values.