7 Tips To Market Your Reseller Hosting Business

A Reseller Hosting business has evolved as a lucrative option given the surge in demand for web hosting services over the last decade. A Web Hosting Reseller purchases resources from a Reseller Hosting provider, create smaller hosting packages and sell them to website owners. However, the web hosting industry is highly competitive, and establishing the best Reseller Hosting business requires a strategic plan and a marketing approach that helps establish the brand and makes site owners aware of the services offered.

In this article, we will offer 7 tips to help you market your reseller web hosting business effectively.

Before you proceed, check out this video that lists a few reasons why Reseller Hosting is a good business option:

How to Market Your Reseller Hosting Business?

Tip 1. Start Blogging

Blogging is an excellent way to engage existing and prospective clients. It helps establish your brand as a thought leader in the domain while increasing the time a user spends on your site. This increases the chances of the user browsing through your hosting packages and buying one. Further, regular blogging can help boost your site’s SEO too. Ensure that the topics you blog about are informative and address the concerns of the site owners.

Tip 2. Use Google Adwords

While most websites try to boost their SEO scores, sites that fail to rank higher can use Google Adwords to get noticed. This is a paid option, and the costs can vary based on the search term you plan to target. If you plan this right, then the investment can generate good returns.

Tip 3. Start a Referral Program

One of the best ways of getting new clients is getting your clients to refer their friends and acquaintances. If you have satisfied clients, then such a program can help you generate good leads and boost your business. These plans are usually less expensive than using other paid advertising options.

Tip 4. Customer Reviews

In today’s times, what people say about your services is more important than what you say about them. Most people read reviews online before deciding to buy a product or service. Ensure that you dedicate a place on your site for updating customer reviews and testimonials – both good and bad.

Tip 5. Use Social Media Platforms

In recent years, social media platforms have evolved as the best options for online marketing and primary drivers of website traffic. Hence, to effectively market your Reseller Hosting business, ensure that you create business profiles on leading social media sites and post content regularly. Also, interact with users and try to respond to comments and queries as soon as you can. This gives users an option to talk to you and get their doubts solved before buying.

Tip 6. Optimize your website for Search Engines

The best Hosting Reseller businesses use search engines optimally and are usually the names you find when you search for web hosting services in your city. Hence, take measures to optimize your site for search engines so that your site’s page rank improves in the search engine result pages.

Tip 7. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool that is underestimated by many Hosting Resellers. Since Hosting Resellers usually focus on a market segment, sending customized emails to the target clients can help generate good leads. This can improve your brand’s reach as well as popularity.

Summing Up

Reseller Hosting offers a great opportunity to start a profit-making web hosting business. However, it is essential to plan your business and market it well. We hope that these tips help you get started. Good Luck!