7 Ways You Can Make You Phone Last Longer

When people think of gadgets, they know that they were invented to make life easier. It is true, and you might be one of those people who agree with this statement. One of the most famous gadgets that almost every person in the world has one is mobile phones. These are used as communication devices which connect you to other people who have the same gadget. Since it was invented, passionate engineers have spent their lives developing it to make it advanced so that we can enjoy more features within one device that fits our hand. Soon enough, they were successful! They made smartphones, such as androids and iPhones you can buy in Singapore today. These are the types of mobile phones that meet the needs of consumers because they come with multifunctional tools that help with everyday life.

If you are reading this article, you might already have a smartphone of your own, or you are planning to buy one. Either way, you have one goal, and that is to make your device’s lifespan longer and get the return of your investment. Here, you will find ways you can do to prevent or slow down the ageing of your phone!

1.   Purchase it from a reliable seller

Firstly, you should only purchase your phone from a reliable source. It means you either go to the flagship store or you find one online store that sells legitimate mobile phones in Singapore. Legitimate phones assure you that it was manufactured to high quality. With this, from the start, you will know that the manufacturer is not at fault so you should focus on how you can prolong its life. While it has already been built with features to help you maintain its performance, you should do your part by ensuring that they are not interfered by problems brought by your bad habits.

2.   Identify the problems with your phone

Whether you have been using your phone for years or a few months, they are always prone to having problems. It may be little things that you do not notice, such as slow performance. These could interfere with your daily routine when it should be helping you manage your contacts, digital documents, among other things. To avoid these problems from worsening the performance of your phone, run a diagnostic test to detect these issues! From this, you will know what step to take next, whether you have it fixed by a mobile phone repair shop or you need to replace it.

3.   Never skip updates

Smartphones have operating systems (OS) that make it possible for you to enjoy your phone’s core services, such as security, process management, memory management, among others. It has updates from time to time for it to fix past issues from the old OS and further improve your phone experience with new features. These updates do not take long. If you skip it, it could compromise the overall performance because it would be outdated and you cannot enjoy applications that are compatible with the latest OS.

4.   Delete unused applications

Your phone can only carry a certain amount of storage and memory. It is why you should avoid keeping several unused applications on your phone. Doing a weekly or a monthly clean-up of deleting apps would aid in saving storage space and prevent your batteries from draining fast due to them running in the background.

5.   Invest in protective gear

Accidents happen all the time. It is why you should have a phone cover. While your phone is not always exposed like your smartwatch, accidental drops can still happen and put a dent or a crack on your phone. Look for a good-fitting case where it can cover all the sides of your mobile phone. In this way, your case would absorb the impact and prevent it from damaging your phone.

6.   Keep the exterior clean

The pocket of your jeans has lint that can enter the ports of your phone, including the audio jack and the charging port. If you keep your phone in your pocket often, it is most likely to have gunk in these open holes. What you can do to clean them up is to either get the help of mobile phone repair service or patiently use a toothpick to get all the gunk out. Your screen, however, is full of grease and grime because you constantly touch it with dirty fingers. If you just had a meal, wash your hands first before using your phone and clean the screen regularly with Clorox wipes!

7.   Pay attention to the battery

There are plenty of myths involving your phone’s battery. One of the most common ones is to not use fast-charging chargers. It is not true because what can damage your battery is to routinely drain it to zero. iPhones, thankfully have notifications to help you prevent that habit. Also, being mindful of your phone’s battery percentage whenever you use it is a good habit that you should develop if you want your phone to have a longer lifespan. Also, you should:

  • Avoid placing your phone under direct sunlight
  • Stop using your phone when it is already overheating
  • Replace the battery when it refuses to hold a charge

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