A Guide for Buying Electronics & Gadgets Online

Gadgets and electronics such aslaptops, printers, and mobile phones are convenient to use. With these devices, it makes our lives easier. However, the convenience it brings doesn’t come for free. You have to work hard and earn a lot of money before you get a hold of these gadgets and electronics.

However, if money is not an issue as you already have enough savings to buy one, then go ahead and go on a shopping spree! Besides, it is not bad to reward yourself every once in a while. Also, it is practical to invest in such gadgets, especially if you occasionally have to do some extra work at home. Before you buy though, you should not hastily make a purchase. Think things through before splurging on a single smartphone. Remember that the prices of mobile phones in Malaysiaare continuously rising because of inflation. So, you have to be wise in every gadget you’ll buy.

To help you get started with your shopping, here is a buying guide you can follow.

How to Shop for Gadgets and Electronics Online

Most people like the idea of going to an electronics store as it allows them to test the product before purchasing. However, there are lots of benefits that online shopping can also bring. One is that there is no need to go through the hassle of long commutes just to get a hold of a brand-new gadget! The downside is that you won’t be able to check the quality.

To ensure you would be able to score quality gadgets and electronics online, just follow these tips:

  • Determine What You Want

Before jumping right into shopping, think first what you want and need. You may want a new phone, but is it practical? Is your old phone dying already, so you need a new one? If yes, then think about the features you may find useful. Do a lot of research and search for a reliable brand. Check the specifications and features. Taking the extra mile to do some research can not only help narrow down your choices, but you can also save some money. Moreover, it prevents you from instantly splurging on a gadget as you already have something in mind.

  • Make Sure to Do a Price Comparison First!

In Malaysia, prices may vary for phones. You could get lucky and score a cheap-priced mobile phone. However, beware of shops selling gadgets for prices that seem too good to be true. Sure, you may have found a smartphone that is 50% cheaper than the original price, but is it original? Was it made by a reliable manufacturer?

Just make sure not to be blinded with the cheap prices of other stores. You still have to consider the quality of the product, as well as, its warranty and delivery options. You should not base a purchase on price.

  • Shop at Safe and Secure Websites

Since the transactions are all online, you have to make sure you only shop at secure websites. Look at the address bar, and see whether it has an SSL certificate or not. Most often, Google would warn visitors every time they are about to enter an unsecured site. Some would leave the site, while some would continue entering the site at their own risk. You might be one of the people who fall in the latter category if you are insistent on buying a specific product on that online web store. However, the wise decision is to leave. Websites with no SSL certificates are dangerous. The information you enter online may be passed on to different computers. It means that anyone may access any sensitive information which includes your home address, your contact number, and even your credit card! Someone may deliberately use your credit card without your permission. So, choose secure online shops when purchasing a laptop or even a laser printer.

Another way you can determine whether an online shop is secure or not by taking a look at their items. See if they are an authorised reseller or distributor of reputable brands. Especially if you buy high-end electronics like an inkjet printer, you have to choose only the reliable brands for it to last longer.

  • Ask About the Warranty

Often, if it is a brand-newgaming laptop or alaser printer, it should come with the manufacturer’s warranty. You may want to choose something that has a long warranty period as this indicates that the manufacturer has full trust in their products. It won’t break easily once you start using it.

Speaking of warranty, you may also want to avoid the extended warranties offered by most online shops. These are usually an unnecessary expense. The manufacturer’s warranty is already enough to keep you protected.

Once you have confirmed that the gaming laptop you want has a warranty, ask the store about their after-sales services. What would they do in case you have to return your purchase? Will they give you a refund or replace your item? In online shopping, you have no chance to test the product, so once it arrives, you only have two choices: either return it or refund. Sadly, if the shop does not accept return items, you have only wasted your money.

Practising smart shopping is essential once you decide to buy your gadgets and electronics online. So, make sure to follow these tips and tricks before you start shopping! Doing this can help you save lots of dollars on a single purchase!

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