A Guide to Celebrate Business’ Anniversary

Whether you recently established your business a year ago or been doing business for years, you have to celebrate its milestones in one form or another. It is an important event that would remind you of all the hard work and challenges you have been through since then until now.

As a business owner, you know that celebrating a business’ anniversary would provide a chance to breathe new life into your company. Not only does it offers an oasis in the daily work of your employees, but it also deepens the bond you have with your customers and community.

To further explain why it matters celebrating, let this article address that. At the end of this piece, you would also know how to celebrate it and what you need to do to make it more fun and exciting other than having a balloon decoration in Singapore!

Business’ Milestones | Why Does It Matter Celebrating?

Each year a business grows one year older and one year wiser. That means it is doing well. Not only does it have good management and products, but it also gives quality customer service. As such, its growth continues to move forward.

This year, many businesses would also celebrate their milestones. As the date of their anniversary nears, the more they think about why it matters to celebrate. Well, there are not many reasons to tell, but celebrating milestones means a business acknowledged its achievements, along with the people who support it behind the scenes. Here are the complete explanations of why it matters.


Commemorate History.

Every year, businesses look back at what happened from past years to measure success and know what to do and focus on next. It is similar to what we often do with our personal lives whenever a birthday and anniversary comes. Doing so gives us an idea of what our next steps are. Take note that staying true to our roots helps us evolve in many ways and figure out where we will go.

Strengthen Cultures and Core Values.

A business formed its mission and culture through meetings and discussions. They talked about what kind of approach and strategy they need to use to provide quality service to their clients.

However, a business should also acknowledge that celebrating an anniversary can serve as a platform to showcase its core values and culture. A business anniversary also reinforces these matters among their employees, making them remember the qualities they need to show and apply to their work.

Applause Employee Efforts.

Another reason to celebrate milestones is to express gratitude to employees and their contributions. This kind of event would remind them how valuable they are as one of the people who made your business success possible. After all, you would not be where you are right now without them working hard to promote your products and services.

Recognising their hard work and dedication would benefit you in return. Your employees would do their best doing their job well. That is why you should give them more than a pat on their shoulder. Giving them a certificate and a balloon bouquet in Singapore will do in applauding their efforts.

Give Thanks to Clients and Partners.

Celebrating a business anniversary is also an opportunity to express your gratitude to your clients and business partners. Without them, this milestone might not have been possible to happen. Your business would not grow and last for a long time. That is why you should be thankful and assure them how valuable they are in your company. You could do that by inviting them to all the milestones you would achieve. As such, your business would grow more if your relationship with them improves a lot.

While it is a great idea to celebrate your business’ anniversary and relive all the hard work and challenges you have been through, it is also vital to look to the future. For more business success, looking forward to what will happen gives you the strength to do better with what you are doing. As such, you would have more chances to celebrate more milestones in the years to come with your customers and employees.


How to Plan a Business’ Anniversary?

If you have reached this point, that means you have understood the reasons why celebrating business’ milestones matter. Now, you are probably wondering how you would do it to make this event happen, especially if this will be your first business anniversary.

But fret not since you can get this through with the tips below. For sure, before the date of your business anniversary gets any close, you would be able to grasp what you need to do.


Choose on When to Have the Event.

When celebrating a business anniversary, it does not have to be the exact date you established it. You could move the date to the day you think your employees, clients, and business partners are less likely to be busy.

For example, if the founding date of your company is on June 4, which is a Friday, most of them might not be able to make it and attend your event. To not let that happen, you should consider moving the date to Saturday or Sunday.

Keep in mind that many people have more time during the weekend. That is why it is the ideal date for celebrating any event. Just make sure to head up everything at least a month before the event will happen. That duration will give them time to prepare and get ready for the celebration.

Decide Which Venue to Celebrate the Event.

The venue of your business anniversary should reflect how you want your guests to feel at your event. If you are going for an upscale gala like in Beauty and the Beast, a ballroom with chandeliers will make your employees, clients, and business partners like a noble family.

On the other hand, if you want a laid-back setting, you can host your celebration in your office. Just add a balloon decoration so they would not feel like they are still at work.

Know What to Do With All the Space.

Whatever venue you will choose for your business anniversary, it should not be empty. Otherwise, your guests would not feel like they are celebrating something special. That is why you should consider adding more decoration other than balloons like flowers, lights and include an LED screen so people in the back could see what is happening.

Plan Out the Event’s Activities.

When celebrating a business anniversary, there should be more than a dinner and awarding ceremony. Your guests will get bored if those are the only things that will happen at your event. For them not to experience that, you should facilitate some activities such as band performance, share memories of what happened in the past, raffle draws, etc.

By doing all of these, your guests would have a one of a kind experience they will never forget. Perhaps, they might even remember when you handed out a balloon bouquet in Singapore instead of flowers during the awards ceremony.

Promote the Event!

Your business anniversary will be for nothing if no one knows it is happening. That is why before that day comes, you should let people know about it. Get your employees, clients, and business partners excited to come together and celebrate by letting them know when, where it will happen. You could do that by promoting the said event online.  Here are the promotional materials you could produce to increase their excitement.

  • Send press releases to media outlets.
  • Post a blog on your website.
  • Share clips about your business anniversary on social media.
  • Update your landing page.
  • Create an anniversary edition of your logo.
  • Send email newsletters to customers. You may include coupons about your products and services so they will have more reasons to participate on your business anniversary.

Make sure when doing all of these, you should take your time. Otherwise, your dreamed business anniversary would not happen the way you imagine it would be. Also, if you think you need help, do not be afraid to ask your employees. They will be glad that you consider asking them for their aid.


What Else Should You Do When Celebrating Business’ Anniversary?

Your business anniversary can make your employees closer to one another and make them feel all valued. Besides planning a venue event, you should also consider celebrating in other ways. Here are some tricks that can help you make your business  anniversary extraordinary than the rest,


Take a Group Photo

As the saying goes, a classic never goes out of style. This phrase remains true when it comes to celebration. Since human memory is not perfect, a photo can help anyone remember pieces of events that happen in the past.

In the case of your employees, a group photo would remind them about their hard work and achievements. That is why you should always take a group photo whenever your business achieves another milestone. You could either frame and hand them in your office or share a digital copy on your website and social media accounts.

You can make your group photo more memorable if you include a balloon as background decoration in Singapore. That detail will make them the times why you had to take a group photo together.

Make Custom Apparel.

Your business anniversary is also a huge opportunity to get corporate t-shirts, hats, and other apparel made with your logo or tagline. Giving your employees each set would turn them into a walking poster whenever they are wearing them. As such, many people would know more about your company as well as your upcoming business anniversary. That is a win-win scenario for you! Plus, your employees would have new clothes to wear aside from the ones they already own.

A Message from the CEO.

As much as you want your employees to value you as their employer, they also want to feel the same way. They want to feel proud that their CEO takes notice of their efforts.  If you do such things with your employees, that will boost their working morale. As such, they would work harder in completing their tasks right, and their efforts will pay off once your customers notice how good they are in helping them.

That is why, as an employer, send a thank you message to your employees and business partners. Even a short clip will surely encourage them to do well. You could also send a different message to your customers so that they know you value their never-ending support for your brand.

Give Out Corporate Gifts

Giving presents helps anyone establish a strong relationship with others. That is very much true when it comes to corporate gifts. When you send those to your employees, clients, and business partners, they will feel your gratitude.  In return, they will do their best to support your company.

But when it comes to corporate gifts, you should be mindful of their price. Otherwise, other people would misunderstand your intention as a bribe. Of course, to not let that happen, you should consider giving practical gifts like a mug coaster, flash drive, power bank, umbrella, pillowcase, etc.

You could do more than this when celebrating your business anniversary. But make sure before doing all of these things, you are ready. Be prepared to be busy and handle everything that may come in between your preparation.


Now You Are Ready to Hold Your Business Anniversary!

Keep in mind that celebrating business anniversaries can be the most rewarding you can do. Customers, employees, business partners will all be coming together to celebrate the growth of your company. That is why it is only natural for you to do your best in making this kind of celebration extraordinary.

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