A Guide To Your Machine’s Good Health

There is hardly any occupation or business that works without technology. Any business or occupation at least requires a laptop, cellphone, or calculator. The main purpose of adopting machines is to automate our tasks so the work can be done with better speed. We trust machines with automating our tasks because of their efficiency and effectiveness. But do you think machines are going to be at 100% all the time? Or do you need to maintain it for better efficacy?

As time progresses, machines start losing their efficiency. They start processing with slow speed, they face glitches very frequently and they start giving you a headache. The main reason behind a machine losing its efficiency is its lack of maintenance. From time to time, you must carry on the maintenance of the machine.


The concept of preventive maintenance is in the industry for a long time. Almost all industries adopt this method. As the name suggests, preventive maintenance is an activity that is carried out to prevent further damage to your machine. This is done at regular intervals to maintain the efficiency of your machines. Preventive maintenance in simple terms means investing money today to reduce the chances of failure of your machine in the future.

There are mainly two types of preventive maintenance, one is time-based, and the second is usage-based. Time-based preventive maintenance takes into consideration the time factor of the machine to carry out the maintenance. Usage-based takes into consideration the usage frequency of the machine. Factors like beats, spins, distance, etc. are taken into consideration for usage-based maintenance.

Advantages Of Preventive Maintenance

·       Costs:

The major advantage of doing preventive maintenance is that you can save a lot of money. If you keep your machines in a good condition then you will not have to bear the costs of big repairs. It may also happen that you save up the cost of replacing the machine. What happens is that, if you don’t maintain your machine, it may be the case that you will have to completely replace the machine in the future.

·       Optimum Functioning Of The Organization:

Preventive maintenance helps in the smooth functioning of the organization. If your machines are in a good condition then it directly affects the functioning of the organization positively. Organizations dependent majorly on machines will understand why it is important to keep the machines in the best condition.