A tale of a Telangana boy – Superb Narration

The South Indian film industry is known to set high benchmarks when it comes to movies. But this time, this industry has earned another feather for its cap. The recently launched Telugu web series is making the audience go ‘Wow!’ with appreciation. The unique storylines and new-age storytelling has made these web series insanely popular among all audiences, be it a child or an elder. Watch Indian web series online and treat yourself with quality entertainment to soothe your mind in times of COVID-19 distress. A good movie or web series is no less than a therapy session. We have to accept, and our daily life has been seriously impacted and affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has left us all in dire need of a good laugh and relief from the constant stress. Well, we are here to give you that relief. How? It’s by way of suggesting to you a romantic comedy-drama web series launched recently. Please read below for a quick



Release Date: 25 January 2020

KothaPorodu is an Indian Telugu language romantic drama. Directed and written by AnveshMicheal, it was a special release on the Aha OTT platform launched by Allu Aravind. KothaPorodu is a web series comprising a single season with ten episodes. It features AnveshMicheal, JagadeeshPrathapBandari, Sai Prasanna, and Raj Tirandasu in the lead roles. Set in Telangana, KothaPorodu is the story of Raju, a happy-going village guy who has recently migrated to the city. Being a village guy who has recently shifted to the town, his struggle is never-ending. Fate deceives him when he has to move to the city forcefully to earn and pay his father’s debts after he is deceased. But that’s not all. His life takes an unexpected turn when he meets a filmmaker in Hyderabad. What makes this series different from others? Well, the narration technique is unique and new-age. The series hence was a recipient of many positive views, including from the critics. The critics widely praise the show for its technical brilliance and acting performances. Full of unforgettable moments, KothaPorodu has set a high benchmark for upcoming web series.

How does Raju’s life change after meeting the filmmaker? Will he be able to return to his village and settle his father’s debt? To get answers to these questions, watch theKothaPorodu web series online in HD picture quality on the Aha OTT platform. It is a paradise for Telugu content fans. The Aha platform has been receiving appreciation and love from its audience since its launch, and it is primarily because of the quality entertainment it offers. Availability of a wide range of genres, different content for kids, affordable subscription plans are some of the premium features Aha offers to you. If you want to grab a special discount of Flat Rs. 100, subscribe to the annual plan of the aha OTT platform right now!