Benefits of Using Automated Pallet Wrappers

Companies within various industries have been wrapping pallets for years, wrapping them to secure loads and to keep multiple products packed closely together. There are many benefits of pallet wrapping, but what can be even more beneficial to companies using pallets in this way, is the introduction of automated pallet wrappers to take care of all of their pallet wrapping needs and requirements.

Wrapping pallets not only keeps products together enabling companies to improve their inventory control, but it also helps to keep products protected from dust, moisture, dirt and damage than can otherwise occur during storage and transportation processes. 


There are many benefits of companies introducing pallet wrappers to assist with their pallet wrapping needs and requirements, including but not limited to the following:

  • Automated pallet wrappers can allow businesses to become more productive, with the machinery taking over pallet wrapping, and freeing up the time of staff so that they can spend their time on other business activities
  • Automated pallet wrapping machines of course cost money, but they can actually save businesses money in the long run, with business owner no longer having to pay people to wrap their pallets, these machines end up paying for themselves
  • Pallet wrappers are able to wrap pallets much quicker than a human and therefore enable more pallets to be wrapped in the same period of time, allowing for ultimate efficiency
  • Using automated pallet wrapping machines can help businesses to save money on film costs, whilst reducing waste. This is because these machines only use the amount that they need, whereas humans generally rip off more film than they need, ending up putting some of it in the trash
  • Using automated pallet wrappers can improve safety within the workplace, and reduce the chances of workers becoming injured, with them no longer having to keep bending over and picking up heavy and pallets

These are only some of the ways automated pallet wrapper can enhance businesses too – The best thing is pallet wrapper machines can now be hired allowing for companies to see their benefits before making any hefty purchases.

Ease of Use

Some people stray away from using automated pallet wrapping machinery simple because they think that it is going to be difficult to use – however automated pallet wrapping machines are incredibly easy to use, and can in fact be used by all, regardless of their skills or expertise. In short, this is how a pallet wrapping automated machine works:

  • It olds the leading edge of the stretch film to allow the cycle to start without an operator.
  • It raps the pallet load according to set parameters.
  • It cleanly cuts the stretch film at the conclusion of the wrapping cycle.
  • It secures the film tail to the load.