Beyond The Clinic: 5 Habits A Active Person Should Have In Their Daily Lives  

An active lifestyle is not just about having a desirable physique, consuming protein shakes as if it is your personality trait, and visiting the gym regularly to lift weights and run miles on the treadmill. On the contrary, it also includes a couple of healthy habits that help you achieve goals. Another thing to consider would be the positive effects on your physical and mental wellbeing.

Overall, there is more to visiting an orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore to keep tabs on your bone health and other conditions. You have the freedom to exert extra effort and do more things for the sake of your health!




Let us first explore where people go wrong in keeping an active lifestyle. First, they often ignore how important form is. Suppose you are a weightlifter who wants to achieve a desirable physique and experience the benefits to your body and mind. With this, some of them are guilty of doing things wrong that affect their bodies.

Second, in times of accidents and injuries, they sometimes brush things off and skip the visit to a knee specialist in Singapore, which evidently does more harm than good.

Lastly, what does diet have to do with avoiding cases of aknee meniscus tear? Well, imagine not eating enough or skipping your pre-workout meal. The result would be having less energy than usual, and you might fall while doing reps of squats or lunges.

The key is to learn habits that save you a trip to the knee specialist or orthopaedic surgeon. Of course, you need to do regular visits for your health, but going in and out of the clinic because of frequent injuries should not be your usual routine. Here are some things you can do beyond the clinic. Try them, and you will experience how health should touch all aspects of your life.



As mentioned earlier, some things have to do with getting, for example, a frozen shoulder in Singapore. Imagine, the food you eat before working out, or lack thereof, can cause something serious because you lack the energy in the gym. Another example is your deficiency of sleep during the day, which causes you to become groggy while running the track oval or doing yoga poses. Below are some healthy habits you can practise outside the gym or sports clinic.


Are you an avid lifter in the gym? Be patient with things and trust the process. Take note that progressing is not a linear journey, and there might be obstacles in the way, so never take these things as if they’re a matter of life and death. Or are you a runner who likes to surpass the mileage you traverse every week? Realise that it takes time, consistency, and effort. Do these things after going out of the clinic or visiting your trusted orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore. (Tip: Build a professional relationship with your doctor if you wish to approach them regularly for medical help and attention.)


Losing weight or getting the coveted six-pack abs (both for men and women) is a challenging goal because you have to couple intense workout sessions with a diet to boot. Imagine the calories you count, the meals you should prepare every week, and the mindset that comes with it. However, if you are someone who wants things to be easy or realistic because not everyone has the privilege or power to adopt a specific diet, build a healthy relationship with food. Do you want to finish a bag of chips? Don’t worry about that: Consume them in moderation, and keep yourself active! (Tip: Your knee specialist or orthopaedic surgeon focuses on your physical health, so visit a different specialist for this concern.)


Are you tired after a long day at work and wish to skip your 7 PM gym session? Or do you prefer slacking off and lying in bed the entire day on Saturday and Sunday? Take breaks because it is best for your physical and mental health. Besides, one should avoid going to the gym when they lack the motivation and energy to do sets of high-intensity cardio, pilates, or lifting. Getting hip replacement surgery in Singapore is painful and challenging because of a simple carelessness on your end. (Tip: Remember that you can always bounce back after a break. It is only a day or two of rest, and your progress is not going down the drain.)


There is no need to visit the orthopaedic surgeon or knee specialist every week if you have no time. However, keeping in touch with them is essential if you wish to have consultation packages and screenings or to ask them about your maintenance medication. Do this by, first, taking note of their contact details. If they have both SMS and email, choose the one that works for you the easiest. Second, feel free to reach them if you have a few concerns about your health or you wish to try some treatment procedures. They will examine you before finalising things, so you should never worry! (Tip: Be nice to them, respect the clinic schedule, and avoid reaching them out during off-hours.)


Did you reach your latest goal of running more than 5 miles during the weekend? Or do you lag in the gym because you failed to reach your powerlifting goal? Regardless if you failed or succeeded, be happy with your progress because you followed these tips while complying with what the knee specialist in Singapore suggested for your health. Another thing is the journey to achieve a fitness goal is not a straight line, but you will reach them no matter what. All it takes is patience, consistency, and being happy with everything.

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