Braces for Beginners: 4 Essential Things to Know Before Getting One

Getting braces is like coming of age for most teenagers. It’s a transition between those awkward teenage years into a confident adult. For this reason, most people expect that wearing braces can immediately transform them into a more attractive person or what they call the glow up. However, wearing braces like invisible aligners is also a responsibility because you won’t get results if you’re not diligent enough about following your dentist’s rules.

Although braces have been a symbol of transformation, you should know that wearing them takes time and effort. You have to invest in making yourself a better person once wearing invisible braces. You can’t barge into your dentist office on a whim and ask for a brace right there and then. Keep in mind that wearing braces, whether traditional or modern, is a systematic process.

To achieve the results you want, here are some things you need to consider before getting your invisible braces in Singapore.

There are Different Types of Braces

Before you head over to the dentist clinic, you should know that there are different types of braces. This way, it can help you decide what’s best for your teeth condition. Although your dentist will tell you the braces you should get, it’s also helpful to have some added information for your peace of mind. So, here are the different types of braces you should know:

  • Traditional Braces – Traditional braces are the most common type you can encounter. They are bulkier and more noticeable, which can make you feel uncomfortable when eating. Traditional braces are applicable for people who have more complicated teeth aligning.
  • Ceramic Braces – Ceramic braces are like traditional ones. The difference is that they are less noticeable, like an Invisalign in Singapore. People who choose this want to be more discreet with their braces.
  • Self-ligating Braces – Self-ligating braces rely on a wire to move the teeth. However, these braces are more comfortable to use than traditional ones because you can adjust them easily. It’s recommendable for people who are sensitive with slight discomfort.
  • Lingual Braces – These are the least common types of braces because lingual braces are behind your teeth. It’s applicable for people who prefer complete invisibility and with complicated orthodontic conditions.
  • Invisalign or Invisible Braces – Invisible braces or invisible aligners in Singapore are popular for people who value convenience and comfort. Clear braces offer flexibility because you can remove them before eating. They also require fewer appointments with the dentist.

After knowing the different braces, it’s time to pick which will fit your teeth condition. If you have one in your mind, continue reading this article to know what you should do before your invisible braces or Invisalign appointment in Singapore.



What to Know Before Getting Braces

Do you want a successful result for your invisible braces in Singapore? If so, it’s not just the dentist’s efforts. You also have to take part in making your braces journey more fruitful. To do this, you have to educate yourself about the things to know before getting braces. This way, you’ll do the right things that promote better results.


1) It’s Not Just About Appearance

Most people want to wear braces because they want to be more attractive. However, braces can also improve your jaw alignment issues and oral health. So, when you go to your dentist, ask about the other benefits you can get from invisible braces or Invisalign. It also means that you should not solely focus on your appearance but also on your health.

Getting braces is indeed worth your effort, time and money because you’ll get to improve your confidence and well-being. That’s why you need to be knowledgeable about braces before getting them. When you know what to do, you’ll have a higher chance of getting a desirable result!

2) It Takes Time to Improve

Although wearing Invisalign or invisible braces is a promising option, keep in mind that it takes time to improve. Yes, invisible aligners or braces can offer improvement within months, but it doesn’t mean you’ll notice significant improvement once getting it. The key is to become patient about the progress. Along the time, you need to follow your dentist’s rules and advice.

It includes your lifestyle and behaviour. For instance, you need to stop playing vigorous activities in the meantime. It would be best if you made a little sacrifice to improve your oral health and teeth alignment.  Also, be more patient when waiting for your transformation. Ignore the comments of other people because you’ll get to see better improvement in the coming days.

3) Changes in Your Diet

When getting braces, especially traditional ones, you need to change your diet because it can affect the performance of oral wear. Most dentists recommend eating soft and easy-to-chew food to avoid damaging your braces and your oral health. There are soft foods to eat like mashed potatoes, rice, soup, and juices. Also, remember to avoid sticky and hard foods like corn or apples to maintain your braces.

If you want more flexibility, you can choose invisible braces or Invisalign because you can remove them when eating. With this, you can still eat anything you want. However, it’s still advisable to choose healthier food to protect your oral health from cavities and other health issues.

4) Visiting the Dentist

Of course, you still need to visit the dentist after getting your Invisalign or traditional braces for regular checkups. With your visit, they can also check if there are complications and other problems. By visiting the dentist, you’ll also get to know what to do with your current status.

For instance, you can ask if you can go back to doing your sports activities. They can also tell if the braces are doing an excellent job in improving your teeth alignment.

Hence, schedule a dentist visit so you’ll have it on your calendar. Don’t forget your dentist appointment because it’s essential for your oral improvement.

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