Can You Use Evaporative Coolers in Swamps?

Portacool evaporative coolers are one of the best evaporative cooler brands out there, and even among the best brands, it is impossible to find an evaporative cooler that can be used well in the swamps. Even swamp coolers (ironically, another name for evaporative coolers) in swamps, still do not exactly do the job well. 

Swamps are not exactly the best option for the so-called swamp coolers. How they got to be named “swamp coolers” is still a mystery. That is probably because of what they do, adding humidity to the air or swampy smell, which occurs when not properly cleaned. However, some well-designed evaporative cooler brands such as the Portacool evaporative cooler can do a great job in buying you some good cooling efficiency before the mushy season comes up. 

It is common knowledge that the global climate is fast-changing. Individuals, as well as industries, are making efforts that can drive positive change. Energy-efficient equipment such as Portacool evaporative coolers plays an essential role in providing natural means of cooling without consuming so much energy. But, how well do these machines work in the swamps?  

Using evaporative coolers in swamps

Swamps are land areas covered with water. Swampy areas are often characterized by constantly being wet, having woody plants, shrubs and bogs. Air in swampy areas is always damp and moldy; this makes it a bit difficult to enjoy clean, fresh air when using evaporative coolers after a long time. Living in a swampy area comes with challenges like getting bites from mosquitoes often due to water logs and stagnant water bodies in the area. Also, there is the swamp deception-when a land area looks safe but is very deep in places one would not expect. 

Naturally, swamp coolers are designed to add moisture to the air, which is a brilliant cooling option, and since swampy areas already have a high humidity all year round, it affects the effectiveness of evaporative coolers. They won’t just be as effective as when used in dry, arid areas where there is a record of low humidity. 

The beautiful thing about swamp coolers is that they help with your utility bills since they are energy efficient because they use the age-old technique of evaporative method of cooling air. However, in a swampy area with high humidity, their functioning is not always the best because the higher the humidity, the less active the evaporative cooler will be.