Centrax Addiction – Signs, Symptoms and Side Effects

The short-term anxiety reliever is the most famous reason of the heavy usage of Centrax. It’s a drug that’s prescribed for short anxiety disorder. It plays a vital role in calming the brain and neuro cells within the system where stems are relaxed rapidly through addiction. Centrax increases the effect of neurotransmitter whose nature is to calm the brain. In this way the bran relaxation is disturbed and causes many problems due to addiction of such drug.

The thing that is ignored the most by drug users is the fast rate where relieve is happening the faster will it come again which makes them an addict. It is also known as Prazepam abuse.

The Signs & Symptoms:

Centrax addiction rehab discloses the points which can be investigated for the drug abuse. The signs and symptoms regarding Centrax addiction are many in number. Some of the majors are:


The body starts to lose its strength and the bones gets weak due to an addiction of Centrax. The cells within the bone marrow gets detached which weakens the bones and the entire body starts feeling futile.

Slurred Speech

The talking level of a person rapidly decreases and their pronunciation gets weak. It’s due to the cause of heavy usage of Centrax where the speech flow is broken again and again and can even lead to stammering.

Memory Problems

This drug can cause certain amount of memory loss or short-term loss in some cases

Dizziness & Drowsiness

Centrax can form the state of mind from normal to dizzy if high dosage is taken. Cataracts symptoms  Person starts to feel drowsy at times which should be taken care of rather than ignorance on such cataracts symptomsnote.

Side Effects:

Couple of side effects of Centrax includes:

Unable to Stop

The addict will be unable to stop using centrax even if they would like/want to because the addiction would already made relations with the neuro system of an addict.


The addict becomes physically dependent on Centrax and if not taken it will weaken the person and cause damage in body.

Changed Personality

Person becomes secretive and withdrawn from all sorts of work. The changes in personality can be noticed by the changed priorities and ignorance of important doings. An addict would start behaving differently.

The addiction of Centrax is as harmful as any other drug but usage is legal for the patients in need.