Classic Food List to Try Out When in Budapest

The delicious eateries in Budapest city serve lip-smacking food that is a treat to taste buds. When you are on a trip to Budapest in Hungary, make sure to get your teeth into some of the awesome local dishes.


Locals call it the ‘Communist pizza’. It is circular dough fried deeply and topped traditionally with shredded cheese and sour cream. These days you will find pretty extravagant toppings. Book with Budapest Food Tour and the local guide will direct you to Retro Langos food stand, where the best Langos get served.

Rose shaped gelato

Even though gelato is an Italian dessert, the rose shaped ones have become very popular in Europe, even Hungary. Gelarto Rosa in Budapest is the place to go for trying the killer rose-shaped gelato.


Goulash is a popular Hungarian style stew including veggies and meat. It can be tried at Frici Papa Kifozdeje.


It is an awesome fruit brandy having alcohol around 37% to 86%. Drink Palinka at Anker’t, a dynamic bar.


Actually, it is Hungarian crepes. To American crepes means thin sweet or savory food made from batter, especially for breakfast. At Frici Papa Kifozdeje palacsinta includes whipped crème, vanilla crème and even chocolate sauce.


It is a chewy and lumpy Hungarian style dumplings or noodles. It has a unique texture and appearance that matches well with chicken paprikash or goulash.

Turo Rudi

Candy bars covered with chocolate and filled with fruit or nut flavored curds like blueberry or hazelnuts. They are available in the Budapest supermarkets.

Rantott sajt

Rantott sajt is very similar to mozzarella sticks. Mild cheese gets breaded with flour, and then fried deeply. You will enjoy the cheese oozing out as you bite in it. It is actually a great appetizer!

These are only some but there are many more, you can try in Budapest! Pamper your taste buds!