Common Winter Pests and Pest Control Options in Houston 

Summer is undeniably the most problematic time in regard to pest infestations. Mosquitoes and flies swarm in via open windows, while rodents like rats and mice are always on the prowl in the fields and lawns. These pests don’t hibernate entirely during the winter months. In fact, they are much more prone to go inside when the weather is frightful. This blog explains some of the common winter pests and pest control options to deal with them.

Common Winter Pests and Pest Control Options

Many insects and other pests seek shelter inside during the winter months. These are some of the most prevalent winter pests:

Rodents like mice and rats seek shelter and food inside human dwellings during the winter.

It’s not uncommon to see cockroaches in the kitchen or the bathroom since they like the warmth and humidity.

Spiders often seek shelter inside people’s houses to spin their webs and raise their young in the colder months.

Ants frequently infiltrate houses to forage for food in the winter, when food is limited outdoors,

  1. Stink bugs.

Stink bugs generally move inside to enjoy the warmth of houses’ attics and walls during the winter when the outside temperatures are very low.

Pest Control Options During Winter.

Preventing pests in the winter requires making your house unappealing to them. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Seal any holes or crevices.

Pests can be kept out of your house by sealing any holes they could use to gain entry.

  1. Keep your house clean.

Pests will be less attracted to your house if you keep it clean on a regular basis, particularly in the places where they prefer to hang out.

  • Be sure to store your food carefully.

Always use airtight containers when storing food in the kitchen or wherever food can be kept.

  1. Get rid of any potential moisture sources.

Pests thrive in damp places; therefore, getting rid of any leaks or pools of water that can collect around your house is important.

  1. Use natural deterrents.

Herbs and essential oils, in particular, can be utilized as insect repellents. For example, peppermint oil can be used to deter ants and spiders.

  1. Get in touch with an expert.

It may be time to call in the pros if you are having problems getting rid of bugs on your own.

To sum up, bugs throughout the winter are an annoyance, but they can be avoided. You can lessen the chances of having pest problems in the winter by doing things like sealing cracks and gaps, correctly storing your food, keeping your house clean, getting rid of sources of moisture, making use of natural deterrents, and, if required, getting the help of a professional.

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