Do You Need a Pediatrician? Here’s How to Choose the Right One

In Singapore, before delivery, the post natal care process is not the only thing you should prepare for. You should also look for paediatrician who would help attend to your baby’s health. They would be the first one who would examine your baby as soon as you are done with your delivery.

However, before you start your searching for “paediatrics near me”, it is vital to know what a paediatrician does. Knowing a bit about their role is going to help in choosing the right paediatricspecialistfor your baby.

What is a Paediatrician?

If it is your first time to become a parent, then your paediatrician would be your go-to doctor when it comes to your baby’s well-being. Not only would they advise you how to maintain your baby’s physical health, but they could also explain to you why your baby is acting differently.

Sometimes, as parents, we get too paranoid about our child that we overreact on things. It is hard to feel at ease, so we become stressed if we notice something different from oour baby. Fortunately, you can easily confirm whether your baby is suffering from a serious disease or not with the help of a paediatrician. They are the first person you should consult with whenever you suspect that your child is sick.

Aside from treating common child illnesses, paediatricians are also the ones who would educate you about how you should raise your baby. This covers giving advice on what types of food should they eat, and what are the exercises that you should do with your baby to keep them strong. Their role is all about ensuring the proper growth and development of a child.

How to Choose a Paediatrician

As a mother, one of the most important decisions you would have to make is to choose your baby’s paediatrician. Although the task might seem simple, it is going to be challenging because there are lots of paediatric clinics in Singapore. It might be tempting to choose any one readily available to attend to your baby, however, you should avoid doing so. Remember that this is your child’s health that we are talking about. You have to look for someone who you could trust in properly managing their health.

Here are some tips that we outlined for you to be able to choose the right paediatrician for your child.

  • Get Recommendations from Your OB-GYN

Aside from getting referrals from your friends and family, you may want to ask for some recommendations from your OB-GYN. They usually have connections with other healthcare professionals, so they may suggest you to a skilled paediatrician.

  • Do an Initial Visit

Some paediatric clinics provide free consultations or free initial visits. Grab this chance to get to know more about the paediatric specialist and determine whether it is comfortable for you to always consult them. You must choose someone you are comfortable with so that it would easy for you to address your concerns regarding your child.

This initial visit would also be the perfect time to ask them the right questions such as what are their credentials, and how long they have been doing their medical practice.

  • Choose a Convenient Clinic Location

Since it is unpredictable to know your child is going to be sick, you have to look for a paediatric clinic that is near your home. If not near, then somewhere that is conveniently located. In this way, you can easily rush your baby to the clinic whenever there is an emergency. Your baby would be immediately attended by your paediatrician.

The location of the clinic also matters if you decide to opt for cranial osteopathy for your baby. It is a type of therapy for babies who have experienced a traumatic birth process. Cranial osteopathy is usually not a one-time procedure, so you have to frequently go back to the clinic. Thus, it would be convenient if your chosen paediatric clinic is nearby.

  • Know Their Schedule and How to Contact Them

No matter how skilled a healthcare professional is, it would be useless to choose them if their schedule doesn’t coincide with yours. So, before you make a decision, ask the paediatrician first when their office hours are. Not all of them operate during weekends and holidays as they are probably attending other patients in different hospitals.

Aside from their schedule, know if it would be alright for you to contact them from time to time. Surely, you would be too busy attending to your baby, and you also have housewife duties, so there is no time to visit the clinic. So, instead, you would have to call, text, or email your baby’s paediatrician. Thus, you have to know when will be the best time to contact them.

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There are healthspecialists like paediatric physiotherapists who could help in your baby’s physical development. This type of paediatrician would focus on determining whether your baby has neurodevelopmental disorders, and help treat them through different therapies like tissue massage, therapeutic exercises and postural training. Even if your child doesn’t have any disorders, a paediatric physiotherapist may still help in your baby’s growth and development.

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