Do You Need Hand Surgery In Singapore? Here Are 10 Ways To Tell

Every day, you get up and get ready for the day before commuting or driving to work. Upon arriving at your workplace, you will perform your duties, meet new people, and serve your clients. As soon as you get home, you greet your loved ones and bond with them over food or a family game. But do you know what these activities have in common? They are all possible thanks to your ever-so-helpful and reliable hands. But if your complex appendage or any of its parts encounter a medical concern, should you consider getting hand surgery in Singapore?

The Structure And Function Of Your Hands

Your hands are composed of numerous bones, muscles, and ligaments that allow them to flex, extend, and perform other movements and functions. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, three primary types of bones are present in the hands: the phalanges, metacarpal, and carpal bones. They are connected with various tendons, ligaments, and sheaths to allow movement. Almost every hand specialist in Singapore spends most of their lives studying these components to help people like you take care of your hands.

Thanks to your hands, you perform numerous activities thanks to your ability to hold, move, manipulate, and feel objects. Almost every job in the world requires the assistance of your hands, proving them to be a vital limb part. But what happens when they face health concerns that could affect their functions or appearance? Can a hand specialist effectively treat these conditions?


Treatment Options For Hand Conditions

Hand surgery is not always the first option for treating conditions that affect your fingers, wrist, or palm. Even if you are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in Singapore, your doctor will not immediately ask you to undergo a surgical procedure unless your ailment is at a severe stage. Instead, they could ask you to take medications, perform specific exercises, or wear a hand support device like a brace or a splint. Some specialists could even encourage you to sign up for physical therapy if necessary.


Signs You Need Hand Surgery

Despite the number of treatment options available, surgery can be the best option to treat ailments that trouble your fingers or wrist. However, know that only a hand specialist can tell when you need to undergo an operation. They may recommend such a procedure if they notice any of the following signs:

Your Hand Is Injured

In some cases, your hand only needs rest, ice, and compression to heal after a twist or a fall. But there are instances where a bone could shatter or poke out of the skin that will require hand surgery. Without going through a surgical procedure, you could put your hand at risk of getting deformed or losing functionality.

Your Hand Pain Is Unbearable

Surgery is an effective way to relieve hand discomfort caused by injuries, complications, or unsuccessful procedures. It is a preferred trigger finger or arthritis treatment in Singapore since it has proven to help patients feel less or no pain after the operation. So if your fingers or wrist ache during most parts of the day, consider talking to your hand specialist about surgery.

Your Hand Is Stiff

Hand stiffness is related to numerous conditions like sprains, arthritis, stenosing tenosynovitis, or injuries. While you can take prescription or over-the-counter medications, wear casts or splints, or receive steroid or enzyme injections to regain movement, hand surgery and therapy are ideal remedies for your inflexibility.

Your Hands Are Swollen

Your hands can swell and double in size for various reasons. Fluid could collect in your fingers because you ate something too salty, or a bump could develop on your hand because of gout. Carpal tunnel syndrome could also make your hands feel swollen, even if they are not. Depending on your condition, your doctor may ask you to undergo hand surgery in Singapore to treat it.

Your Hand Is Numb

Hand numbness can be a concern for many individuals since they use their fingers to touch, hold, and feel everything around them. Various diseases and injuries cause them, and your hand specialist in Singapore will need to perform numerous tests before suggesting a favourable treatment plan. If they think you could benefit from surgery, they may recommend it.

Your Hand Nerves Are Damaged

You could lose sensation in your hands if your nerves are damaged or affected by a specific condition like carpal tunnel syndrome. You could also be hyper-sensitive if you are troubled with nerve damage. There are non-invasive treatment options for this complication, but most specialists would recommend you undergo hand surgery to fix it.

Your Hand Is Troubled By Specific Conditions

Various disorders that trouble your tendons, muscles, and joints could require hand surgery to relieve pain, regain movement, or correct alignment. For almost every hand specialist in Singapore, surgical procedures are the most favourable treatment options for ailments such as tendonitis, cubital tunnel syndrome, or other similar conditions due to their effectiveness.

Your Hand Is Unresponsive To Other Treatments

If you were previously diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome or trigger finger, you probably tried treatment options that do not need to lie on an operating table. But if these non-invasive remedies never worked, your specialist may ask you to consider getting surgery.

Your Previous Hand Surgery Failed

No matter how capable a hand specialist can be, their attempts to help with your medical concern through surgery could still fail due to various reasons. The affected area could get infected or bleed uncontrollably, or you got postoperative conditions. You could consider going through another surgery to fix the complication but consult with your doctor first.

You Want A Permanent Solution To Your Concern

Numerous hand treatments require upkeep to prevent your condition from progressing. You may need to continuously take medications or undergo therapy for the rest of your life to keep your ailment from troubling you. Fortunately, hand surgery provides a permanent solution to numerous health concerns—putting its symptoms and complications to an end.

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