Effective Packaging Solutions Perfectly Planned for You

The higher number of shipments is not only noticeable when the delivery truck is full, but also when it comes to collecting waste paper. For many, the question arises whether this is sustainable because ecological and environmentally friendly Custom printed CBD boxes packaging material is increasingly important to many customers. Climate-neutral shipping and the issues of sustainability and the environment have meanwhile also become very important to companies. Many rely on recycled material and environmental friendly alternatives to plastic.

Protect packaging

In principle, custom CBD Box packaging fulfills an important purpose. They protect valuable CBD products from damage. The loss of resources in the event of damage to the CBD product is many times higher than the effort made to produce the packaging. Nevertheless, packaging should be produced in a resource-saving and ecological manner, use little material and be recyclable. Paper, cardboard and cardboard offer clear advantages here. And the filling material inside the boxes is also becoming increasingly environmental friendly and is increasingly made of sustainable and environmental friendly materials.

Packaged In an Environmentally Friendly Cardboard Box

Nowadays around 80 percent of CBD products are packed in environmentally friendly cardboard boxes. And e-commerce continues to grow. The dispatchers choose from a wide range of box sizes in order to use packaging that is as precisely fitting as possible. The vast majority of shipping packaging is made of corrugated cardboard several layers of corrugated paper that gives the paper strength. Made from renewable raw materials, it can be completely recycled up to 25 recycling processes are possible.

Corrugated cardboard packaging can also be specifically tailored to a product in order to protect it as best as possible. Because the better a packaging is tailored to the respective product, the better the use of materials can be reduced and of course the volume can be reduced during transport. If the packages are as compact as possible, much more can be transported in a small space.

Calculated over the year, even slight reductions in packaging have a positive impact on the environmental balance. Many innovative and sustainable packaging solutions are developed by the companies for this purpose. The result is lower fuel consumption during transport and ultimately less CO2 emissions.

Recycling the Packaging after Shipping

The strength of packaging made of paper, and cardboard is particularly evident after shipping. If they are not used again anyway for example to return goods they can be completely recycled and used for new packaging. Almost 100 percent of corrugated cardboard packaging is collected and recycled. Corrugated cardboard and Custom CBD packaging already consist of 80 percent waste paper. And even if paper packaging ends up where it doesn’t belong it is completely biodegradable and does not spoil the landscape for decades or endanger animals. Long-lasting products that are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way remain the greatest adjustment screw for ecological purchasing.