Elden Ring: The Best Rune Farming Spots And Locations

Elden Ring runes farming allows you to quickly accumulate a large amount of the world’s currency, which can be used for leveling up, purchasing items, and upgrading your equipment. They can be obtained by defeating enemies or by collecting items from all over the world, and if you die while carrying something, you’ll lose whatever you’re carrying. As a result of the increased freedom to flee combat, you may find yourself with a lower level than you would otherwise be. However, this also makes it easier to choose battles that are guaranteed to bring in more runes at a rapid and consistent rate.

Tempting as it may seem, you might want to concentrate on the trolls, which can be intimidating but also bring in 1,000 runes when killed, or choose a location with a high concentration of targets, but be warned that it is easy to become overwhelmed by a large group of people. This page contains information on some of the best Elden Ring rune farming locations available throughout the game, which will make your journey through the Lands Between that much easier.

Stormhill is home to the Elden Ring rune farming site

If you have access to horse Torrent after first meeting the Melina at a Site of Grace, you can farm runes on Stormhill, which is just west of Limgrove and accessible as soon as you have access to horse Torrent after meeting her at a Site of Grace. Even though it’s probably safer to deal with the two chained trolls pulling the caravan (as well as the enemies in their wake) when you’re riding through West Limgrave along the main path to the Gatefront, there is a location where you can fight five trolls at once, earning you a total of 5,000 runes (1,000 runes for each troll).

You can get to this part of Stormhill by following the cliff face east of the Gatefront Site of Grace until cheap Elden Ring runes reach an air current that Torrent can jump to reach the summit of Stormhill. Please keep in mind that trolls can be quite intimidating, especially when you’re low-level, and that once you’ve taken down half of their health, they’ll stop swinging their arms at Elden Ring gold and pull out the sword that’s hidden behind their back. This is by no means a risk-free farm run, to put it bluntly.

One option is to bait them one at a time, while the other is to bait them two at a time. The trolls’ attacks can be damaging to one another; therefore, you should try using Torrent to give them the runaround while their arms, and then their swords, do the heavy lifting.

If you ride too far away from the trolls, however, you may be knocked off your horse and left stunned for an extended period of time. We would not recommend baiting all five trolls at the same time! However, on your first attempt, make sure to lure a troll into destroying a statue in the area in order to collect six Smithing Stones (1), which will assist you in getting started on upgrading your weapon.

Caelid is home to the Elden Ring rune farming site

Despite the fact that Caelid is a terrifying place to travel to early on, it is also home to Elden Ring’s best and most enjoyable rune farming location, and it is possible to get there right from the start, though it will take a little more effort and buy PC Elden Ring Runes recommend you unlock the horse Torrent before doing so. If you want to get to Caelid quickly, head east of Limgrave, but if you want to get there quickly, head south of Lake Agheel, which is close to the beginning of the game, to Dragon-Burnt Ruins. There are steps leading down into the ruins, where you’ll find some rats to help you. Kill them and then open the door ahead to find a treasure chest hidden in the bushes.

When buy Elden Ring runes and open this chest, smoke will appear around you, transporting you all the way inside Sellia Crystal Tunnel, from which you will not be able to fast travel out until you have successfully escaped! Naturally, the enemies in here are quite high-level, including some who are capable of casting powerful magic spells, but buy PS Elden Ring Runes can escape by following a path downwards to the tunnel’s Site of Grace, which is where you’ll find the exit. Continuing on the path, you’ll soon discover that you’ve arrived north of Caelid, beneath a spooky blood-red sky.

Even though you are free to explore the surrounding area at your own risk, Buy XBOX Elden Ring Runes recommends that simply continue south from where you are to other Sites of Grace, which will make the journey that much more bearable. If you’re riding Torrent, it will be even more beneficial, as you’ll likely be passing through swamps that will inflict Scarlet Rot on you if you attempt to wade through them on foot. Once you’ve reached the southernmost reaches of Caelid, you’ll come across a Site of Grace for the Impassable Greatbridge, which leads to Redmane Castle in the south-eastern reaches of the continent of Azeroth. You’ll find your farming spot right next to this Site of Grace, which is convenient.

On your way here, you may have come across the terrifying giant dogs, but in this area, you’ll find three of them feasting on carcasses, completely unaware that a group of soldiers is about to launch an ambush. You can simply sit back and watch the battle between soldiers and dogs unfold, and you’ll automatically recoup runes from anyone who is killed in the process. The dogs, on the other hand, are only worth about 300 runes each, whereas the soldiers always win out in terms of sheer numbers. The trick is to get down into the fighting and slowly pick off the soldiers who are concentrating on the dogs and therefore vulnerable to backstabs and other attacks.

If any soldiers begin to turn their attention toward you, simply bait them into one of the dogs, or better yet, ride on Torrent or summon an ash spirit to assist you. If you want to continue the carnage, you can bait four more dogs just north of this area, which will result in even more runes being amassed. You’ll be able to earn approximately 5,000 or 6,000 Elden Ring runes per run, assuming you don’t get killed during the skirmish. You can also purchase a Stake of Marika, which will allow you to restart your farm run if you are killed for any reason. Just make sure to recover any runes you may have dropped before continuing.