For the company: Advantages of creating an affiliate program in an online store


Creating an affiliate program in your online store or on your website can bring you several advantages to take into account. Let’s get to know them.

It will allow you to grow with zero risk

By not having to fork out the money of the company to do the campaigns, you will have a low risk. In addition, affiliates can earn a percentage thanks to the conversions they generate. Keep in mind that affiliates will only take those earnings if they convert, so they will do their best to make them. It is clearly a win to win model.

Branding for free

Thanks to affiliate marketing you can have an advertising or branding campaign without having to invest in it. The affiliate will create a campaign to get as many customers as possible. And that will not have any cost for you. Also, if effective campaigns are carried out, you will have more clients and, therefore, you will have more profits.

You can have a large number of affiliates

Not only will you have an affiliate, but you will be able to contact several of them to promote your products in exchange for sales profits. This, in the long run, translates into big profits and a lot of possibilities to grow your business. Here’s how to do it  with the use of the Evergreen Wealth Formula now.

It is not very invasive

Affiliate marketing is minimally invasive with customers. That is, it is not a violent advertising technique that alienates users, quite the opposite. This can provide you with many advantages, such as having more online sales. The fact that it is a minimally invasive type of advertising will make the potential client value it much more than more aggressive options.

This is where affiliate marketing differs in its “how the customer is impacted” versus influencer marketing. Although these two marketing techniques go hand in hand, and influencer marketing is nothing more than an extension or evolution of affiliate marketing, influencers tend to be much more “transparent” or aggressive when promoting a product, While affiliate marketing traditionally was characterized by adding value to the potential client, through reviews, comparisons, tutorials, etc. without proving that it was an advertising campaign. Here you have a good example of affiliate marketing, where we get an extensive review of the product.


As you can see, the natural references that affiliate recommendations will generate will cause great visibility for your products or services, especially if you select well-known affiliates on the Internet and on social networks. Although in affiliate marketing almost everything is benefits for your company, you should know that choosing a bad affiliate could even damage your brand image, so it is important to analyze the affiliate’s platforms well before authorize him to promote your products or services.