Five Signs You May Need to Get Your Tooth Crown Replaced in North Central Phoenix

If your tooth has been damaged or broken, a tooth crown can restore your smile. But you must know when a tooth crown in north central phoenix is getting worn and needs to be placed. This way, you can always wear an attractive smile confidently. 

Dental crowns are caps that fit over your teeth to protect them. Usually, they are necessary if your teeth are broken, worn down, or decayed. Your dentist will take an impression of your mouth to make a mold for your new crowns. Getting a new tooth crown may be necessary in the following situations:

You Experience Tooth Sensitivity

If the crowned tooth feels sensitive to cold and hot foods or beverages, the crown should be allowed to bond with the affected tooth. Also, you can use a fluoride gel or varnish on your teeth to keep them protected from acids in certain foods that cause sensitivity. 

After your dentist replaces your crowned tooth, they may check for dental cavities under this tooth and monitor the area that surrounds it to prevent future issues. if the tooth underneath the crown is decaying or being infected, the crown may be removed to treat the infection before replacing your crown. 

The Crown is Drifting

If your dental crown is drifting from its original position, reach out to your dentist immediately. Shifting and movement of the crown impact its appearance and position. However, depending on your other teeth’s position and the amount of space available, this can lead to serious damage to the rest of your teeth as they shift out of position. 

The Crown Has a Crack or Chip 

In general, if your crown sustains a big crack or chip, see your dentist immediately to get new dental work. a serious crack or chip exposes the tooth underneath and can lead to further damage when the crown is not replaced. 

The Crown Has Discoloration

Is your crown showing signs of spots or discoloration? If so, this can mean issues with cavities underneath it. When this happens, an X-ray should be taken to check for dental cavities and ensure you get new dental work as needed. 

Sometimes, a tooth crown can discolor eventually. Your saliva can seep through your crown and cause stains that make the tooth look appealing. Consult with your dentist to know how they can address this problem. 

You Experience Gum Bleeding or Pain

Your dental crown may need a replacement if you experience gum bleeding and pain. Gum tissue irritation can happen if the crown does not fit properly. This can lead to gum swelling or pain whenever you brush, floss, or bite down on food.