Here are Some Tips on How to Find a Pet-Friendly Singapore Apartment

Whether you’re getting an adorable puppy or affectionate kitty, having a companion at home will always be amusing and fun. They can make your tiring day more meaningful as they can be your instant playmate when you come home from work. They can also be your go-to partner whenever you feel alone and isolated within your confinement.

They don’t only make your living space livelier, but they also develop your sense of accountability. It will make you more responsible every time you care for your fur babies. These include your duties of providing them food, warmth, and shelter. Thus, finding a pet-friendly apartment in Singapore will ensure both of your security during your stay in the region.

But how would you find the best place to live in for you and your furry companion? You may either ask recommendations from your family and peers or do your research online to look for the perfect pet-friendly apartment near you. Moreover, also consider these tips before you decide on booking your stay with some of your finds:

Indoor Space

Begin by checking their indoor spaces – from their living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and other areas within the unit. First thing you should inspect is its floor area and ensure that it is spacious for both of you. You must be able to find a roomy place where you can still have your personal space in your apartment while your pet is having fun. They must not disturb you with your everyday activities and work duties.

Aside from your home area, you should also consider the type of flooring used in your chosen apartment. Most pet-friendly living spaces today use specialized materials on their floors to protect your companions while they’re indoors. It also secures your flooring from being scratched and damaged whenever they run around your space.

Moving-in tips:

Choose a place that uses tiles, linoleum, and hardwood floorings for easy maintenance. You can also opt for laminated floors for your convenient cleaning. You can sweep off fur, food, and dirt particles when your chosen living space has any of these flooring materials.

Some high-end pet friendly serviced apartments in Singapore use specialized carpets that can work for your furry companions. It may take some extra maintenance from your end, but you can check with them if they offer in-room cleaning services for your convenience.

Outdoor Area

Other than your indoor space, also consider the available outdoor places within the area of your serviced apartment. Your pet must be able to walk around and have a breather outside your home. They must get to exercise out of your home to keep themselves fit and healthy. It may also be beneficial for them if they can interact with other animals within your vicinity.

Find a place that has an open area where your dogs can run freely and play with other dogs in your area. On the other hand, look for a space in your home where your cat can have a clear view of the outdoors. It can be a window, porch, or balcony where they can safely stay.

Moving-in tips:

Inspect the vicinity of your preferred serviced apartment in Singapore if it’s indeed pet friendly. It must have a safe and secured outdoor area where you can walk your dogs. It would be best if they have a dedicated trail away from the busy streets to ensure their protection.

As for your feline companions, you must secure your windows to prevent them from going out of your homes. It is common for cats to roam around the outdoors, and it may be a challenge to look for them after they jump out of them. Furthermore, secure your balcony when you let them stay there to avoid any accidents or hazards.


Never be selfish and always consider your serviced apartment neighbours when you decide to bring in some furry companion with you. Seek their approval to avoid getting complaints about your home animals as soon as you move in. Earn peers and not enemies because of your friendly home buddies.

Moving-in tips:

Start by visiting them to talk about your plans. Check if they have specific health conditions and allergies from home animals. Reconsider it if there’ll be any problem or complications with them. Furthermore, inspect their homes if they also have pets inside their apartments. It may be a challenge to appease aggressive dogs that may bark with each other all day.


Most importantly, check with your landlord if they regulations about bringing in some pets inside your serviced apartment. Ask them for their detailed terms and conditions when you decide to book a unit with them. Moreover, you must get these information before you sign the contract or make any down payments.

Get to review your contracts with them as they may be charging you extra for taking in your furry companions. Ensure that you’re aware of any other fees you need to settle on top of your monthly rent. It would be best if you can find an apartment in Singapore that will not charge you for this.

Moving-in tips:

Choose to stay with a legitimate pet friendly serviced apartment like Great World Serviced Apartments that ensures you are both welcomed in their place! They offer some of the best amenities that will complete your memorable stay with your home buddies. Visit their website to book the perfect apartment in Singapore for you and your fur babies!