Here’s How You Have A Meaningful Christmas Celebration Even When Far From Your Family

Long-distance relationships are challenging. And this doesn’t only apply to romantic bonds, but to families as well. This specific kind of longing becomes even more emphasized during special occasions like Christmas. So if you’re spending the holidays physically apart, here are nine ways how you can still celebrate meaningfully — from making the most of technology to gifting each other Personalized family Christmas ornaments.

Embrace the power of video calls. Sure, nothing can replace the warmth of an embrace. But in lieu of this love language, you can still express your feelings for your family members and check up on them through video calls. Set aside time to call them every now and then — and use it as well to plan how you’ll celebrate the holidays.

Surprise them with personalized family Christmas ornaments. Even though you’re away from your family, you can still send them gifts. And to make things more special, why not opt for customized holiday ornaments engraved with your personal message? You can also write them a greeting card for a more sentimental touch.

Set a movie date. Thanks to different online platforms, you can now watch movies together — albeit virtually. Having a movie marathon is also a great way to relieve stress and simply have fun. Each family member can suggest a flick to watch to further encourage participation.

Hold virtual holiday games. If you truly want high participation, you can also conduct a fun virtual holiday competition. For instance, you can buy the same gingerbread house kit, design and build it on your own, and showcase your creations online. Simpler online interactive games are also available if you want to set the jovial mood for the holidays.

Create a family holiday recipe. No doubt, families make their bonds together over good food. You can still make this work even though you’re physically apart. Discuss and create a new holiday recipe and include this new meal on your Christmas Eve dinner menu. You can also try to learn baking altogether and share how you each fared well through a video call.

Dress up for dinner. To create a sense of connection and familiarity, you can choose a theme for your dinner celebration and dress up accordingly. Send photos and over your group chat or better yet, make an online photo album out of them.

Chip in and do a charitable act. The spirit of Christmas is all about giving. So if you want to make your holiday season really meaningful, don’t forget to do an act of charity. Weigh in your options with your family members and gather funds for it. Also discuss who among you will be able to send the donation to your chosen organization personally.

Make a New Year’s resolution as a family. Want to make giving personalized family Christmas ornaments a yearly tradition? Discuss it with your family members. And while doing so, you can also create a joint New Year’s resolution — which you’ll agree to follow as one, strongly bonded family.